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class ZENApp.MyReport extends %ZEN.Report.reportPage

Test case for Zen Report.

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parameter XSLTMODE = server;


property Month as %Integer (MAXVAL = 12, MINVAL = 1, ZENURL = "MONTH");
Month (1 to 12) to run this report for. "" for all months.
Property methods: MonthDisplayToLogical(), MonthGet(), MonthIsValid(), MonthLogicalToDisplay(), MonthNormalize(), MonthSet()
property ReportAuthor as %String [ InitialExpression = "BOB" ];
Author of the report.
Property methods: ReportAuthorDisplayToLogical(), ReportAuthorGet(), ReportAuthorIsValid(), ReportAuthorLogicalToDisplay(), ReportAuthorLogicalToOdbc(), ReportAuthorNormalize(), ReportAuthorSet()


method GetMonth() as %String
Return a formatted version of the month property.

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