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Welcome to InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL!

Now you can take advantage of the advanced relational database capabilitiesOpens in a new tab of InterSystems IRIS® Data Platform through a cloud service. InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL is ideal for the full-stack developer who needs:

  • On-demand deployment of a cloud-based relational database platform, sized for the intended workload.

  • An interactive web interface for schema design and testing.

  • Programmatic access over JDBC, ADO.NET, DB-API, and ODBC connections.

  • Data model tuning through indices, constraints, triggers, and so on.

  • On-demand import and execution of DDL, DML, and queries.

  • Bulk data loading from cloud or on-premises storage.

Cloud SQL gives you all of the above without the burden of provisioning, configuring, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. And as part of your Cloud SQL deployment, you can include InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML, which lets organizations without extensive machine learning expertise define and execute predictive models directly from SQL.

After using the InterSystems Cloud Services Portal to create a deployment sized for your workload, you have two options for interacting with IRIS Cloud SQL:

  • Open your completed deployment in the Portal to create and modify schemas and tables and load and manipulate data in the following ways:

    • Upload and import files containing DDL and DML commands to be executed, or CSV data to be loaded.

    • Interactively execute any valid SQL statement, including queries, DDL, and DML using the SQL Editor.

    • Use the IntegratedML page, if included in the deployment, to define, train, and validate predictive models and make predictions using those models.

  • Connect to IRIS Cloud SQL from your Python, Java, .NET, or C++ application in just three easy steps:

    Your application can then make full use of both the deployment's SQL functionality and the IntegratedML feature, if included (although you must use the portal to upload any needed data files to the deployment).

To explore the relational database capabilities of InterSystems IRIS, see the SQLOpens in a new tab page in the InterSystems IRIS documentation; to learn more about machine learning and IntegratedML, start with the Machine LearningOpens in a new tab page.

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