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class %Api.InteropEditors extends %Api.InteropEditors.base.dispParent

Routing class for the InteropEditors REST services Version can be specified in the end point or not. Currently end points internal.


parameter CHARSET = utf-8;
Inherited description: Specifies the default character set for the page. This can be overriden using the <CSP:CONTENT CHARSET=> tag, or by setting the %response.CharSet property in the OnPreHTTP() method. If this parameter is not specified, then for the default charset is utf-8.
parameter CONTENTTYPE = application/json;
Inherited description: Specifies the default content type for the page. This can be overriden using the <CSP:CONTENT TYPE=> tag, or by setting the %response.ContentType property in the OnPreHTTP() method. The default value if this parameter is not set is text/html.
Inherited description: Specifies if input %request.Content or %request.MimeData values are converted from their original character set on input. By default (0) we do not modify these and receive them as a binary stream which may need to be converted manually later. If 1 then if there is a 'charset' value in the request Content-Type or mime section we will convert from this charset when the input data is text based. For either json or xml data with no charset this will convert from utf-8 or honor the BOM if one is present.
parameter HandleCorsRequest = 1;
This parameter influences the CORS support. The default is an empty string meaning 'not specified'. If set to true (1) then CORS processing is ON. If set to false (0) then CORS processing is OFF. If left unset "" then the decision to process CORS is delegated to the setting on the URL map route.
parameter UseSession = 0;
Inherited description: This parameter controls the CSP session support. By default the CSP session will be ended after each request in accordance with the spirit of REST. However this CAN be overridden by the user. To use a session, it's necessary to manage the CSPSESSION cookie. Browsers do this automatically but command line tools such as CURL require the setting of options.

Note that if you choose to use a session then this will use a CSP license until the session is ended or expires and the grace period has been satisfied. If you use the default of no session then this will be the same behavior as SOAP requests of holding a license for ten seconds.

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