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class %DeepSee.ComputedDimension.SET extends %DeepSee.ComputedDimension.Base

This class implements a computed dimension that uses an external SET definition to resolve members.

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parameter DIMTYPE = mdx;
Type reported back to the UI. This determines what type of control to display for filters based on this class.


property %args as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
Array of arguments from the SET class spec.
Property methods: %argsDisplayToLogical(), %argsGet(), %argsIsValid(), %argsLogicalToDisplay(), %argsLogicalToOdbc(), %argsNormalize(), %argsSet()


method %MemberSearch(pSearchKey As %String, Output pList As %List) as %Status
Execute a search for members.
Return a list of the form:
pList(n) = $LB(value,key)
method %OnComputeBitset(pSpec As %String, pIndexKey As %String) as %Status
Build the bitset that corresponds to the given computed dimension "spec".
classmethod %ParseArgList(pArgList As %String, Output pList As %String) as %Status
Parse an argument list "(arg:value,arg:value)" for a SET class. Return an array of names and values.

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