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abstract class %DeepSee.Model.node extends %DeepSee.Model.abstractNode

Base class for DeepSee Cube Definition meta-data objects.

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parameter DOMAIN = %DeepSee;
parameter NAMESPACE =;
Inherited description: NAMESPACE specifies the XML namespace to be used when projecting the class to XML. If NAMESPACE = "", the default namespace is used for the XML schema is used as the namespace for his class.
Inherited description: Do not include *this* class in the XML groupings.


property additionalDescription as %DeepSee.Datatype.string;
Property methods: additionalDescriptionDisplayToLogical(), additionalDescriptionGet(), additionalDescriptionIsValid(), additionalDescriptionLogicalToDisplay(), additionalDescriptionLogicalToOdbc(), additionalDescriptionNormalize(), additionalDescriptionSet()
property description as %DeepSee.Datatype.string (MAXLEN = 2500, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional description for this node.
Property methods: descriptionDisplayToLogical(), descriptionGet(), descriptionIsValid(), descriptionLogicalToDisplay(), descriptionLogicalToOdbc(), descriptionNormalize(), descriptionSet()
property disabled as %Boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Disabled flag. If true, then this member will be ignored when the DeepSee cube model is compiled.
Property methods: disabledDisplayToLogical(), disabledGet(), disabledIsValid(), disabledLogicalToDisplay(), disabledLogicalToXSD(), disabledNormalize(), disabledSet(), disabledXSDToLogical()
property displayName as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Localized name of this element. This is used by tools but not within actually queries.
Property methods: displayNameDisplayToLogical(), displayNameGet(), displayNameIsValid(), displayNameLogicalToDisplay(), displayNameLogicalToOdbc(), displayNameNormalize(), displayNameSet()
property isModified (XMLPROJECTION = "none") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Client marker to track whether or not changes have been made too this item in the current session.
Property methods: isModifiedDisplayToLogical(), isModifiedGet(), isModifiedIsValid(), isModifiedLogicalToDisplay(), isModifiedLogicalToOdbc(), isModifiedNormalize(), isModifiedSet()
property name as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Logical name of this element.
Property methods: nameDisplayToLogical(), nameGet(), nameIsValid(), nameLogicalToDisplay(), nameLogicalToOdbc(), nameNormalize(), nameSet()


method %AtScaleConvertAggregate(pIRISAgg As %String, pIRISType As %String = "number", pStatus As %Status) as %String
Convert a measure aggregate from the IRIS definition to the best match from the AtScale aggregates.
classmethod %AtScaleConvertTimeFunction(pIRISTimeFunction As %String = "", pStatus As %Status, Output pSQLFunction) as %String
Convert an IRIS time function to a best match for AtScale TimeUnit.
classmethod %AtScaleConvertType(pIRISType As %String = "", pStatus As %Status) as %String
Convert an IRIS column type to a best match to the AtScale dimension types.
method %AtScaleCreateMessageObj(pMessageText="", pType=$$$msgInfo) as %DynamicObject
Produce a Message object from the message text and a type string.
method %AtScaleExport(pStatus As %Status = $$$OK, ByRef pAuxiliaryIndex As %DynamicAbstractObject = $$$NULLOREF) as %DynamicAbstractObject
Produce the structures needed to emit the appropriate JSON and export this item to AtScale
method %AtScaleInitIndex(pIndex As %DynamicAbstractObject = $$$NULLOREF) as %DynamicAbstractObject
Initialize the arrays to collect information for post-processing. These items will get filled in as the export walks the elements of the model.
method %AtScaleProcessSourceRef(pSourceProperty As %String = "", pAuxiliaryIndex As %DynamicAbstractObject = $$$NULLOREF, pTimeFunction="") as %Status
Unpack a source property into the datasets, joins and attributes needed to provide data for an AtScale cube. Incoming values for sourceProperty are expected to be correct class-reference syntax. In the case where the source is a simple property, it is added as a formal Attribute and placed in the pAuxiliaryIndex as a column to be later added to the primary dataset.
method %AtScaleProduceAttribute(pProperty="", pAuxiliaryIndex As %DynamicAbstractObject = $$$NULLOREF, pTimeFunction="") as %DynamicAbstractObject
Produce an attribute definition for import to AtScale
method %AtScaleProduceDataSet(pDataSource As %String, Output pStatus, pIsFact=1) as %DynamicAbstractObject
Given the provided pDataSource as either a class or table name, produce the DataSet as a %DynamicObject with required parameters for import to AtScale. By default this will assume the dataset will have the setting isFact=true. Thas can be controlled using pIsFact.

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