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deprecated class %DeepSee.PlugIn.iKnowDictionary extends %DeepSee.PlugIn.iKnow

Sample DeepSee plugin implementation exposing the number and total count of matching results for a domain associated with an iKnow measure in this cube. This PlugIn has two properties available for use in queries: MatchCount and MatchScore. These numbers will have been broken down to the appropriate Dictionary and Item levels if there is a corresponding Dictionary and/or Item member in the current filter, row or column spec.

The following arguments can be passed through <filter> elements in the KPI XData block:

Sample usage:

Note: it is essential to pass in the "%CONTEXT" special parameter into the %KPI function for it to return correct results.

Method Inventory


parameter BASECUBE = *;
Inherited description: Cube that this plug-in is based on. This determines which cubes (or subject areas based on this cube) can see this plug-in. This can be a comma-delimited list. The cube name(s) should not be enclosed with [].
Inherited description: If defined, this the field list (RETURN clause) of the listing used to supply data for this plug-in.
parameter LISTINGSOURCE = FactTable;
Inherited description: Specifies the source of the listing data used by this plugin: "SourceTable" - the data source supplies the listing values; "FactTable" - the fact table supplies the listing values.
parameter PLUGINTYPE = Aggregate;
Inherited description: Specifies the type of this plug-in. This indicates the context in which this plug-in is used.
"Pivot" -- the plug-in is visible within the Analyzer dimension tree.
"Aggregate" -- the plug-in is not visible within the Analyzer dimension tree.


method %OnCompute(pSQLRS As %SQL.StatementResult, pFactCount As %Integer) as %Status
Compute the median of values within the result set.

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