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class %DeepSee.REST.v3.DataServer extends %DeepSee.REST.REST

This class is responsible for creating the JSON response to the DeepSee REST data services. For examples and a full list of available services see the documentation for %DeepSee.REST.v3<.class>.

Method Inventory


classmethod %ValidateRequest(pUrl As %String, pMethod As %String) as %Status
Perform specific validation for the service that will handle the request. This is used as a callback in each service that extends %DeepSee.REST
classmethod AddFavorite(namespace As %String, pName As %String) as %Status
Store pName as a favorite for the current user.
classmethod CancelMDXQuery(namespace As %String, pQueryToken) as %Status
Cancel a running query using the cubeKey and queryKey provided in a previously returned resultset with ResultsComplete=0.
classmethod RemoveFavorite(namespace As %String, pName As %String) as %Status
Remove pName as a favorite for the current user.
classmethod Test(namespace As %String) as %Status
Test method to confirm connection in the service type
classmethod UpdateQueryResults(namespace As %String, pQueryToken) as %Status
Try to obtain results from a previous query that returned incomplete results.
classmethod WriteDSTIMEForClass(namespace As %String, pClassName) as %Status
Retrieve the most recently processed ^OBJ.DSTIME stamp(s) for one or more classes from the ^DeepSee.Update global.
classmethod WriteJSONDashboardDef(namespace As %String, pDashboardName) as %Status
Return the stored definition for pDashboardName.
classmethod WriteJSONPivotDef(namespace As %String, pPivotName) as %Status
Return the stored definition for pPivotName.
classmethod WriteJSONTermList(namespace As %String, pTermList As %String) as %Status
Return values stored in pTermList.
classmethod WriteJSONfromDrillthrough(namespace As %String)
Run a listing from either the source or the fact table. Specific listings or a list of fields may be POSTed to add to the query.
classmethod WriteJSONfromKPI(namespace As %String) as %Status
Run any compiled KPI and return the associated JSON resultset.
classmethod WriteJSONfromKPIDrillthrough(namespace As %String) as %Status
Run a listing from a KPI data source. A specific listing may be POSTed to access supported listings as defined by the source.
classmethod WriteJSONfromMDX(namespace As %String) as %Status
Run any valid MDX (SELECT,DRILLTHROUGH,DRILLFACTS) query and returns the JSON resultset.
classmethod WriteJSONfromPivot(namespace As %String) as %Status
Run any stored pivot table and return the associated JSON resultset.

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