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class %External.Messaging.RabbitMQClient extends %External.Messaging.Client

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method BindQueue(queueName As %String, exchangeName As %String, bindingKeys As %String) as %Status
Binds a queue to an exchange with the given bindingKeys, formatted as a comma-separated list.
If there is a comma in a binding key, escape it using the backslash character: '\,'. Backslash characters can be escaped using another backslash character: '\\'. Do not include a space after the comma, or the space will be included in the binding key.

For example, if you wanted to bind the queue to the exchange with keys:
  • keynumber1
  • key,number,2
  • key\number\3
Then the contents of the bindingKeys argument would be:

method CreateExchange(exchangeName As %String, exchangeType As %String, durable As %Boolean, autoDelete As %Boolean) as %Status
Creates an exchange with a name, type, and its attributes
method CreateQueue(queueName As %String, durable As %Boolean, exclusive As %Boolean, autoDetect As %Boolean) as %Status
Create a queue
method DeleteExchange(exchangeName As %String) as %Status
Delete an exchange with the name
method DeleteQueue(queueName As %String) as %Status
Delete a queue

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