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class %Library.TriggerHelper extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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property msg as %RawString;
Holds an error message when ok=0
Property methods: msgGet(), msgIsValid(), msgSet()
property ok as %RawString [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
1/0 flag. Set to 0 if the trigger failed and should cause the filing operation to report an error with a message in msg
Property methods: okGet(), okIsValid(), okSet()
property operation as %RawString;
Holds the operation being performed. Returns INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE depending on the current SQL /Objects operation
Property methods: operationGet(), operationIsValid(), operationSet()
property properties as %String (MAXLEN = 250) [ MultiDimensional ];
Holds the property names/values that can be referenced by the Python trigger code
Property methods: propertiesDisplayToLogical(), propertiesGet(), propertiesIsValid(), propertiesLogicalToDisplay(), propertiesLogicalToOdbc(), propertiesNormalize(), propertiesSet()
property time as %RawString;
Holds the time when the trigger is pulled, 'before' or 'after'
Property methods: timeGet(), timeIsValid(), timeSet()
property type as %RawString;
Holds the type of trigger, (Foreach). row, row/object, statement
Property methods: typeGet(), typeIsValid(), typeSet()


method getfield(fieldname As %RawString, newold As %Boolean = 1) as %RawString
method getoperation() as %RawString
method gettype() as %RawString

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