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class %Monitor.System.Diskspace extends %Monitor.System.Adaptor

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property Database as %Monitor.String;
Name of database
Property methods: DatabaseDisplayToLogical(), DatabaseGet(), DatabaseIsValid(), DatabaseLogicalToDisplay(), DatabaseLogicalToOdbc(), DatabaseNormalize(), DatabaseSet()
property Directory as %Monitor.String (MAXLEN = 255);
Name of directory
Property methods: DirectoryDisplayToLogical(), DirectoryGet(), DirectoryIsValid(), DirectoryLogicalToDisplay(), DirectoryLogicalToOdbc(), DirectoryNormalize(), DirectorySet()
property Diskspace as %Monitor.Integer;
Disk space available (MB)
Property methods: DiskspaceDisplayToLogical(), DiskspaceGet(), DiskspaceIsValid(), DiskspaceLogicalToDisplay(), DiskspaceNormalize(), DiskspaceSet()
property Diskstatus as %Monitor.Integer;
Disk status
Property methods: DiskstatusDisplayToLogical(), DiskstatusGet(), DiskstatusIsValid(), DiskstatusLogicalToDisplay(), DiskstatusNormalize(), DiskstatusSet()


method GetSample() as %Status
Get routine metric sample.
A return code of $$$OK indicates there is a new sample instance.
A return code of 0 indicates there is no sample instance.
method Initialize() as %Status
Initialize routine metrics.

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