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class %Net.MQRecv extends %Net.abstractMQ

For information on using this class, see Using MQ.

The MQRecv class is used to get a message from a queue. 

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property SelectCorrelationId as %String;
Message Selection Options: Correlation Id
Property methods: SelectCorrelationIdDisplayToLogical(), SelectCorrelationIdGet(), SelectCorrelationIdIsValid(), SelectCorrelationIdLogicalToDisplay(), SelectCorrelationIdLogicalToOdbc(), SelectCorrelationIdNormalize(), SelectCorrelationIdSet()
property SelectMessageId as %String;
Message Selection Options: Message Id
Property methods: SelectMessageIdDisplayToLogical(), SelectMessageIdGet(), SelectMessageIdIsValid(), SelectMessageIdLogicalToDisplay(), SelectMessageIdLogicalToOdbc(), SelectMessageIdNormalize(), SelectMessageIdSet()


method %Get(ByRef Message As %String, timeout As %Integer = 0) as %Boolean
The %Get method reads from the queue specified in the %Init call.  The method takes one argument, the timeout in milliseconds.  The timeout refers to the time required to contact the server.  %Get is non-blocking (returns immediately whether or not there is a message on the queue).

If  %Get gives a return code of 0, there was a failure or timeout.  The return string is empty.  If  %Get returns 1, the call was successful.  The return string is empty or contains a message depending on what the queue contained.

method %GetStream(stream As %Stream, timeout As %Integer = 0) as %Boolean
Identical to %Get except the queue message, if any, is returned in a file character stream object.

Data is read from the queue into a memory buffer, and the entire message written to the file of the character stream object.

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