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class %OAuth2.Server.Revoke extends %Library.RegisteredObject

%OAuth2.Server.Revoke is the default RevokeTokenClass which is included with the server. The default class will pass through, with no side effects upon token revocation.
The RevokeTokenClass is specified in the Authorization Server Configuration. It must contain a OnRevokeAccessToken method, which can perform user specific operations upon token revocation, optionally bypassing the regular revocation flow.

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classmethod OnRevokeAccessToken(authCode As %String, Output sc As %Status) as %Boolean
The OnRevokeAccessToken method must return a boolean value or throw an error.
If the method returns 1 or throws an error, the regular revocation flow is bypassed.
If the method returns 0, the regular revocation flow continues.
Default behavior is to permit regular revocation flow.
Receives the AuthorizationCode property value of the token to be deleted.

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