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class %SAML.AssertionURIRef extends %SAML.AssertionReference

Reference an Assertion using a URI

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Inherited description: ELEMENTQUALIFIED controls the format of exported XML. The ELEMENTQUALIFIED specification should be based on the elementFormDefault attribute of the schema that defines the type. To maintain compatibility, ELEMENTQUALIFIED will default to 1 (true) for literal format export and will default to 0 (false) for encoded or encoded12 format export. These were the values always previously assumed for the elementFormDefault attribute.

NOTE: Direct use of XMLExport method does not support the ELEMENTQUALIFIED. The export must be done using %XML.Writer or SOAP support.


property URI as %xsd.anyURI (XMLPROJECTION = "content") [ Required ];
Property methods: URIDisplayToLogical(), URIGet(), URIIsValid(), URILogicalToDisplay(), URILogicalToOdbc(), URINormalize(), URISet()

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