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persistent class %SYS.MFT.Connection.Box extends %SYS.MFT.Connection.Base

SQL Table Name: %SYS_MFT_Connection.Box

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method ContentURL() as %String
The URL for uploading and downloading files.
classmethod CreateClient(name As %String, sslConfiguration As %String, clientId As %String, clientSecret As %String, issuer As %String = "", host As %String = "localhost", port As %Integer = "", prefix As %String = "", useSSL As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Create an OAuth 2.0 client with the parameters required to authorize with Box.
name is the name to be given to the OAuth 2.0 client.
sslConfiguration is the SSLConfiguration used to make the HTTP request.
clientId and ClientSecret are the id and secret for the OAuth 2.0 client which is obtained from the Box App definition.
If addiitonal properties are needed, then the Dropbox OAuth 2.0 client may be opened and modified.
If a server definition does not yet exist for Dropbox, then a new server definition is created.
classmethod DefaultScope() as %String
The default scope to use for obtaining the access token.
classmethod DefaultURL() as %String
Each subclass will define the DefaultURL method to supply the default URL for the service.
method MakeDownloadRequest(parameters As %String, body As %BinaryStream, Output response As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Make an Download style http request to Box API
method MakeRequest(method As %String, parameters As %String, request As %DynamicObject = "", ByRef queryParameters As %String, Output response As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Make an http request to Box API
method MakeUploadRequest(parameters As %String, filename As %String, request As %DynamicObject = "", body As %BinaryStream, Output response As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Make an upload http request to Box API
method RevokeToken() as %Status
Revoke the token associated with this connection. Revoke the token in Box as well as locally.

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Storage Model: Storage (%SYS.MFT.Connection.Base)

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