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persistent class %SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %SYS_PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults

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property FRGlobalRefs as %Integer;
Number of Global References to fetch the first row
Property methods: FRGlobalRefsDisplayToLogical(), FRGlobalRefsGet(), FRGlobalRefsGetStored(), FRGlobalRefsIsValid(), FRGlobalRefsLogicalToDisplay(), FRGlobalRefsNormalize(), FRGlobalRefsSet()
property FRLines as %Integer;
Number of lines executed to fetch the first row
Property methods: FRLinesDisplayToLogical(), FRLinesGet(), FRLinesGetStored(), FRLinesIsValid(), FRLinesLogicalToDisplay(), FRLinesNormalize(), FRLinesSet()
property FRRunTime as %Time;
Time to fetch the first row
Property methods: FRRunTimeDisplayToLogical(), FRRunTimeGet(), FRRunTimeGetStored(), FRRunTimeIsValid(), FRRunTimeLogicalToDisplay(), FRRunTimeLogicalToOdbc(), FRRunTimeNormalize(), FRRunTimeOdbcToLogical(), FRRunTimeSet()
property GlobalRefs as %Integer;
Number of Global References for all rows
Property methods: GlobalRefsDisplayToLogical(), GlobalRefsGet(), GlobalRefsGetStored(), GlobalRefsIsValid(), GlobalRefsLogicalToDisplay(), GlobalRefsNormalize(), GlobalRefsSet()
property Lines as %Integer;
Number of lines executed for all rows
Property methods: LinesDisplayToLogical(), LinesGet(), LinesGetStored(), LinesIsValid(), LinesLogicalToDisplay(), LinesNormalize(), LinesSet()
property QueryId as %SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkQueries;
Property methods: QueryIdGet(), QueryIdGetObject(), QueryIdGetObjectId(), QueryIdGetStored(), QueryIdGetSwizzled(), QueryIdIsValid(), QueryIdNewObject(), QueryIdSet(), QueryIdSetObject(), QueryIdSetObjectId(), QueryIdUnSwizzle()
property Rowcount as %Integer;
Number of rows returned by the query
Property methods: RowcountDisplayToLogical(), RowcountGet(), RowcountGetStored(), RowcountIsValid(), RowcountLogicalToDisplay(), RowcountNormalize(), RowcountSet()
property Run as %Integer;
Property methods: RunDisplayToLogical(), RunGet(), RunGetStored(), RunIsValid(), RunLogicalToDisplay(), RunNormalize(), RunSet()
property RunTime as %Time;
Time to fetch all rows
Property methods: RunTimeDisplayToLogical(), RunTimeGet(), RunTimeGetStored(), RunTimeIsValid(), RunTimeLogicalToDisplay(), RunTimeLogicalToOdbc(), RunTimeNormalize(), RunTimeOdbcToLogical(), RunTimeSet()
property StartTS as %TimeStamp;
Property methods: StartTSDisplayToLogical(), StartTSGet(), StartTSGetStored(), StartTSIsValid(), StartTSLogicalToDisplay(), StartTSNormalize(), StartTSOdbcToLogical(), StartTSSet()


classmethod TriggerOnDelete(timing)
Perform the OnDelete Trigger operations for this class...
deprecated classmethod clearSQLBenchMarkRslt(ns As %String = "", rtn As %String = "", ph3 As %Integer = 0, clearErrs As %Integer = 0, returnType As %Integer = 0, ByRef ptInfo As %RawString) as %Status [ SQLProc = PT_clearSQLBenchMarkRslt ]
Projected as the stored procedure: PT_clearSQLBenchMarkRslt

-- DEPRECATED --- DEPRECATED --- DEPRECATED --- DEPRECATED --- DEPRECATED -- Method: clearSQLBenchMarkRslt [SQL: PT_clearSQLBenchMarkRslt] Replaced BY: N/A Status: New Functionality Purpose: Delete all of the data stored in the '%SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults' class, based on the specified parameters... Invocation: This method can be invoked in the following ways: ObjectScript: ##class(%SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults).clearSQLBenchMarkRslt(...) SQL: CALL %SYS_PTools.PT_clearSQLBenchMarkRslt(...) SELECT %SYS_PTools.PT_clearSQLBenchMarkRslt(...) NOTE: This 'SqlProc' method can be invoked with either the CALL-interface or the SELECT-interface. Both interfaces execute the method: the CALL-interface does not return any resulting value, while the SELECT-interface does. Examples: The following examples shows the use of this method: #1 Delete all of the data stored in the '%SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults' class in the 'SAMPLES' namespace: set stats=##class(%SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults).clearSQLBenchMarkRslt("SAMPLES") Data Storage: ^%sqlcq($NAMESPACE,"PTools","Bench","Results","{D|I|C|S}") Parameters: ns - The namespace in which to clear SQL Statistics If none provided, use the current namespaces where SQL Stats collected [DEFAULT: Current Namespace] rtn - The routine for which to clear SQL Statistics If none provided, clear all routines in the given 'ns' [OPTIONAL] ph3 - Placeholder Parameter for future extensibility clearAll - 0 = Perform a normal clear, but leave the 'INFO' rows 1 = Clear everything including the 'INFO' rows [DEFAULT: 0] clearErrs - 0 = Don't delete the 'PTools' Application Errors 1 = Delete all of the 'PTools' Application Errors [DEFAULT: 0] returnType - 0 = Return a %Status code of either $$$OK or $$$ERROR() 1 = Return the number of Stats rows deleted from the following class: %SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults [DEFAULT: 0] ptInfo - A Pass By Reference information array that returns detailed information to the user in the following format: ptInfo(category,variable)=value OR $LB(val1,...,valn) Where category = { "cnt" | "curr" | "term" | ... } variable = A var corresponding to the given 'category' Example: ptInfo("cnt","clearSQLBenchMarkRslt")=The number of rows deleted via this method [Routine Method] RETURN Value: Based on the value of the 'returnType' parameter, return one of the following: 0: Return a %Status code of either $$$OK or $$$ERROR() 1: Return the number of Stats rows deleted from the following class; Otherwise, return an error message if an error occurred: %SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


index (IDKEY on ) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()


trigger OnDelete (AFTER event DELETE);

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Storage Model: Storage (%SYS.PTools.SQLBenchMarkResults)

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