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class %SYSTEM.Context.CSP extends %Library.SystemBase

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property AuthTokenInfo as %DynamicObject;
property SQLGatewayTimeout as %Integer;
Timeout (in seconds) for SQL Gateway connections. If a connection has not been used for longer than this time, it will be terminated. The timeout is applied at the end of each CSP request.
property persistentDevices as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
Array of devices that should not be closed after each request


method AddPersistentDevice(device As %String)
Add the specified device to the list of persistent devices. Devices in this list will not be closed after each request.
method IsPersistent(device As %String) as %Boolean
Check if the specified device is in the list of persistent devices.
method NextPersistentDevice(device As %String, direction As %Integer = 1)
Given a device, this method returns the next persistent device in this list, in collation order. This can be used to iterate over the list of devices.

device indicates the current location of the iterator. Specify "" to retrieve the first device

direction specify 1 to retrieve the next device in collation order, or -1 to retrieve the previous device. The default is 1.

returns the next device, or "" if there are no more devices.

method PurgePersistentDevices()
This method will remove any devices in the persistent list that are no longer open.
method RemoveAllPersistentDevices()
Remove all devices marked as persistent. The devices are not closed immediately; they will be closed at the end of the current request
method RemovePersistentDevice(device As %String)
Remove the specified device from the set of persistent devices. This will allow the device to be closed normally after the current request.

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