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stream class %Stream.MethodGenerator extends %Stream.GlobalCharacter

Provided by the object based method generator so you have a stream to write the code to and to set the type of code.

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property CodeMode as %String (VALUELIST = ",call,code,expression,") [ InitialExpression = "code" ];
Specified the type of code this stream represents. This is one of
  • code : A block of code, this is the default value
  • expression : An expression
  • call : A call to another routine
Property methods: CodeModeDisplayToLogical(), CodeModeGet(), CodeModeIsValid(), CodeModeLogicalToDisplay(), CodeModeLogicalToOdbc(), CodeModeNormalize(), CodeModeSet()
property Language as %String (VALUELIST = ",objectscript,cache,basic,java,tsql,javascript,mvbasic,") [ InitialExpression = "objectscript" ];
Property methods: LanguageDisplayToLogical(), LanguageGet(), LanguageIsValid(), LanguageLogicalToDisplay(), LanguageLogicalToOdbc(), LanguageNormalize(), LanguageSet()

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