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class %WebStress.Portal.ShowUrls extends

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parameter APPLICATION = %WebStress.Portal.Application;
Inherited description: This is the class name of this application this page belongs to. If not defined, this page does not belong to an application.
parameter DOMAIN = %WebStress;
Inherited description: Localization domain
parameter PAGENAME = Webstress Portal;
Name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %Development;
Inherited description: This is a comma-delimited list of system Resources and associated permissions. A user must hold the specified permissions on at least one of the specified resources in order to view this page or invoke any of its server-side methods from the client.
The format of each item in the list should be as follows:
Permission is optional, and defaults to USE if not supplied. If it is supplied, it should be one of USE, READ or WRITE.


property Row as %String (ZENURL = "Row");
Property methods: RowDisplayToLogical(), RowGet(), RowIsValid(), RowLogicalToDisplay(), RowLogicalToOdbc(), RowNormalize(), RowSet()
property Script as %String (ZENURL = "Script");
Property methods: ScriptDisplayToLogical(), ScriptGet(), ScriptIsValid(), ScriptLogicalToDisplay(), ScriptLogicalToOdbc(), ScriptNormalize(), ScriptSet()


Return the array of links to show in the locator bar.
method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
This class method callback is called just before the server-side page object is created.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String
Get the (localized) title string for the page. This should be implemented in a subclass.
clientmethod triggerAction(url) [ Language = javascript ]

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