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deprecated class %ZEN.Mobile.mobilePage extends

This base class provides a standard template for pages on mobile devices implemented using Zen.

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parameter APPLICATION = %ZEN.Portal.Application;
Set this to the appropriate application class.
parameter AUTONS = 0;
If true, auto-switch namespace to whatever $NAMESPACE is passed in.
parameter DEFAULTEXTENTHEIGHT = device-height;
Default maximum extent of this page
parameter DEFAULTEXTENTWIDTH = device-width;
Default maximum extent of this page
parameter DEFAULTHIDEURL = 1;
Default setting for hiding the URL bar on small screens (where possible)
parameter DEFAULTLAYOUT = none;
Inherited description: Subclasses can set this to change default layout for a group.
parameter DEFAULTMAXSCALE = 1.0;
Default maximum scale factor
parameter DEFAULTMINSCALE = 1.0;
Default minimum scale factor
Default setting for prevent default processing of page level gestures
Default setting for user scaling
parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;
Set this to the correct domain.
parameter JSINCLUDES = zenCSLM.js;
Inherited description: Comma-separated list of additional JS include files for the page.
parameter PAGENAME = Standard Mobile Page;
Name of this page.


property bodyScrollTop as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: bodyScrollTopDisplayToLogical(), bodyScrollTopGet(), bodyScrollTopIsValid(), bodyScrollTopLogicalToDisplay(), bodyScrollTopLogicalToOdbc(), bodyScrollTopLogicalToXSD(), bodyScrollTopNormalize(), bodyScrollTopSet(), bodyScrollTopXSDToLogical()
property extentHeight as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTEXTENTHEIGHT ];
Property methods: extentHeightDisplayToLogical(), extentHeightGet(), extentHeightIsValid(), extentHeightLogicalToDisplay(), extentHeightLogicalToOdbc(), extentHeightNormalize(), extentHeightSet()
property extentWidth as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTEXTENTWIDTH ];
Property methods: extentWidthDisplayToLogical(), extentWidthGet(), extentWidthIsValid(), extentWidthLogicalToDisplay(), extentWidthLogicalToOdbc(), extentWidthNormalize(), extentWidthSet()
property hideURLBar as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTHIDEURL ];
Property methods: hideURLBarDisplayToLogical(), hideURLBarGet(), hideURLBarIsValid(), hideURLBarLogicalToDisplay(), hideURLBarLogicalToOdbc(), hideURLBarNormalize(), hideURLBarSet()
property maxScale as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTMAXSCALE ];
Property methods: maxScaleDisplayToLogical(), maxScaleGet(), maxScaleIsValid(), maxScaleLogicalToDisplay(), maxScaleLogicalToOdbc(), maxScaleNormalize(), maxScaleSet()
property minScale as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTMINSCALE ];
Property methods: minScaleDisplayToLogical(), minScaleGet(), minScaleIsValid(), minScaleLogicalToDisplay(), minScaleLogicalToOdbc(), minScaleNormalize(), minScaleSet()
property preventDefaultGestures as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTPREVENTGESTURES ];
Property methods: preventDefaultGesturesDisplayToLogical(), preventDefaultGesturesGet(), preventDefaultGesturesIsValid(), preventDefaultGesturesLogicalToDisplay(), preventDefaultGesturesLogicalToOdbc(), preventDefaultGesturesNormalize(), preventDefaultGesturesSet()
property simulatedDeviceHeight as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = 320 ];
Property methods: simulatedDeviceHeightDisplayToLogical(), simulatedDeviceHeightGet(), simulatedDeviceHeightIsValid(), simulatedDeviceHeightLogicalToDisplay(), simulatedDeviceHeightLogicalToOdbc(), simulatedDeviceHeightNormalize(), simulatedDeviceHeightSet()
property simulatedDeviceWidth as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = 480 ];
Property methods: simulatedDeviceWidthDisplayToLogical(), simulatedDeviceWidthGet(), simulatedDeviceWidthIsValid(), simulatedDeviceWidthLogicalToDisplay(), simulatedDeviceWidthLogicalToOdbc(), simulatedDeviceWidthNormalize(), simulatedDeviceWidthSet()
property userScalable as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTUSERSCALABLE ];
Property methods: userScalableDisplayToLogical(), userScalableGet(), userScalableIsValid(), userScalableLogicalToDisplay(), userScalableLogicalToOdbc(), userScalableNormalize(), userScalableSet()


method %GenerateMetaContent() as %String
This method is used by the default OnDrawHTMLMeta() callback to generate the contents of the viewport meta tag
method %OnDrawHTMLMeta() as %Status
This callback is called at the start of the HTML HEAD section of the page (just after the title).
It allows a page to write out meta tags, if desired. (default implementation is a simple expression).
classmethod %OnUseSoftModals() as %Boolean
Use soft modals for the portal.
final clientmethod fireOnDeviceMotionEvent(event) [ Language = javascript ]
final clientmethod fireOnLoadEvent() [ Language = javascript ]
Client-side method: fire onload event for every component that defines one. This are fired in reverse order, so that the page's handler is called last.
clientmethod fireOnRotateEvent() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod fireOnTouchStartEvent(event) [ Language = javascript ]
Call the (potentially redefined) ontouchstartHandler for the page and implmenet the preventDefaultGesture logic as needed
clientmethod getBodyScrollTop() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getNativeWindowHeight() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getNativeWindowWidth() [ Language = javascript ]
final clientmethod initDeviceInterface() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod isDesktopBrowser() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: This client event, if present, is fired when a popup page has specified this component as its parent and fires an action.
popupName is the name of the popup window sending the action.
action is the name of the action.
value is the value associated with the action.
clientmethod ondevicemotionHandler(event) [ Language = javascript ]
This method may be redefined to specify custom handling of device motion events
clientmethod onrotateHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This method may be redfined to specify custom handling when the orientation of the mobile device changes
clientmethod ontouchendHandler(event) [ Language = javascript ]
This method may be redefined to specify custom handling of touch end events
clientmethod ontouchmoveHandler(event) [ Language = javascript ]
This method may be redefined to specify custom handling of touch move events
clientmethod ontouchstartHandler(event) [ Language = javascript ]
This method may be redefined to specify custom handling of touch start events
clientmethod updateMetaSettings() [ Language = javascript ]

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