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persistent class %iFind.Word extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %iFind.Word

This table contains all words identified by iFind indices in this namespace using namespace-wide shared storage (cf the IFINDSHAREDSTORAGELOCATION parameter in %iFind.Index.Basic). Note that this may also include transformed words. To only find original words wrt a specific transformation, use %iFind.OriginalWord.

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parameter READONLY = 1;
Inherited description: READONLY = 1 means that objects can be created, opened but not saved or deleted. Tables are projected to SQL as READONLY.


property Key as %Integer [ Required ];
Internal identifier of this word
Property methods: KeyDisplayToLogical(), KeyGet(), KeyGetStored(), KeyIsValid(), KeyLogicalToDisplay(), KeyNormalize(), KeySet()
property StrippedWordId as %iFind.Word [ Calculated ];
Calculated property returning the word object equivalent to this object, with all punctuation stripped off.
Property methods: StrippedWordIdCompute(), StrippedWordIdGet(), StrippedWordIdGetObject(), StrippedWordIdGetObjectId(), StrippedWordIdSQLCompute()
property Value as %String (COLLATION = "SQLSTRING");
String value of this word
Property methods: ValueDisplayToLogical(), ValueGet(), ValueGetStored(), ValueIsValid(), ValueLogicalToDisplay(), ValueLogicalToOdbc(), ValueNormalize(), ValueSet()


classmethod GetStrippedWordId(pString As %String, pKeepChars As %String = $$$STRIPKEEP) as %Integer
Returns the word ID for the supplied string, stripped of all punctuation.


index (KeyIdx on Key) [IdKey, Type = key, Unique];
Index methods: KeyIdxCheck(), KeyIdxDelete(), KeyIdxExists(), KeyIdxOpen(), KeyIdxSQLCheckUnique(), KeyIdxSQLExists(), KeyIdxSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), KeyIdxSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (ValueIdx on Value) [Type = collatedkey, Unique];
Index methods: ValueIdxCheck(), ValueIdxCheckUnique(), ValueIdxDelete(), ValueIdxExists(), ValueIdxOpen(), ValueIdxSQLCheckUnique(), ValueIdxSQLExists(), ValueIdxSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), ValueIdxSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Storage Model: Storage (%iFind.Word)

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