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deprecated class %iKnow.NativeSupport.UserDictionary extends %iKnow.NativeSupport.HandlesErrors, %iKnow.Native.NativeKnowledgebase

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property AcronymCount as %Integer;
Property methods: AcronymCount(), AcronymCountDisplayToLogical(), AcronymCountGet(), AcronymCountIsValid(), AcronymCountLogicalToDisplay(), AcronymCountNormalize(), AcronymCountSet()
property Acronyms as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: AcronymsDisplayToLogical(), AcronymsGet(), AcronymsIsValid(), AcronymsLogicalToDisplay(), AcronymsLogicalToOdbc(), AcronymsNormalize(), AcronymsSet()
property Hash as %String;
Property methods: HashDisplayToLogical(), HashGet(), HashIsValid(), HashLogicalToDisplay(), HashLogicalToOdbc(), HashNormalize(), HashSet()
property InputFilterCount as %Integer;
Property methods: InputFilterCount(), InputFilterCountDisplayToLogical(), InputFilterCountGet(), InputFilterCountIsValid(), InputFilterCountLogicalToDisplay(), InputFilterCountNormalize(), InputFilterCountSet()
property InputFilters as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: InputFiltersDisplayToLogical(), InputFiltersGet(), InputFiltersIsValid(), InputFiltersLogicalToDisplay(), InputFiltersLogicalToOdbc(), InputFiltersNormalize(), InputFiltersSet()
property Labels as %List [ InitialExpression = ##class(%iKnow.KB.Label).SpecialLabelList() ];
UD labels available are hard-coded
Property methods: LabelsGet(), LabelsIsValid(), LabelsLogicalToOdbc(), LabelsOdbcToLogical(), LabelsSet()
property Lexreps as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: LexrepsDisplayToLogical(), LexrepsGet(), LexrepsIsValid(), LexrepsLogicalToDisplay(), LexrepsLogicalToOdbc(), LexrepsNormalize(), LexrepsSet()
property Name as %String;
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()


method AcronymCount() as %Integer
method AddLexrep(tokens As %String, labels As %String, meta As %String)
method CloseTable() [ Language = cpp ]
Close the table currently being read
method ConceptFilterCount() as %Integer
classmethod Create(name As %String, ud As %iKnow.UserDictionary) as UserDictionary
method FetchRows(max As %Integer) as %Binary
Fetch at most max rows as a $LIST from the previously started table
method GetAcronym(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetAlphaBeticLabel() as %Binary
method GetCapitalAllLabel() as %Binary
method GetCapitalInitialLabel() as %Binary
method GetCapitalMixedLabel() as %Binary
method GetConceptFilter(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetConceptLabel() as %Binary
method GetHash() as %String
method GetInputFilter(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetJoinLabel() as %Binary
method GetJoinReverseLabel() as %Binary
method GetKatakanaLabel() as %Binary
method GetLabel(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetLexrep(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetMetadata(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetName() as %Binary
method GetNonSemanticLabel() as %Binary
method GetNumericLabel() as %Binary
method GetObjectLabel() as %Binary
method GetPreprocessFilter(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetPrimaryRelationLabel() as %Binary
method GetProperty(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetPunctuationLabel() as %Binary
method GetRegex(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetRelationLabel() as %Binary
method GetRule(key As %Integer) as %Binary
method GetSentenceBeginLabel() as %Binary
method GetSentenceEndLabel() as %Binary
method GetSpaceLabel() as %Binary
method GetSubjectLabel() as %Binary
method GetUnknownLabel() as %Binary
method InputFilterCount() as %Integer
method IsDynamic() as %Integer
method LabelCount() as %Integer
method LexrepCount() as %Integer
method MetadataCount() as %Integer
method NextAcronym(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextConceptFilter(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextInputFilter(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextLabel(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextLexrep(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextMetadata(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextPreprocessFilter(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextProperty(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextRegex(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method NextRule(key As %Integer) as %Integer
method PhaseCount() as %Integer
method PreprocessFilterCount() as %Integer
method PropertyCount() as %Integer
method ReadTable(name As %Binary, phase As %Integer)
Indicate that the next fetch should start pulling values from the named table for dynamic loading.
method RegexCount() as %Integer
method RuleCount() as %Integer
method TableAtEnd() as %Integer
Returns true if the currently reading table has exhausted its rows

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