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class MonitorTools.SNMP extends %Library.RegisteredObject

System class methods to support SNMP. Allow users to extend the InterSystems IRIS MIB and use the SNMP agent for their own MIBs, using the definitions created by the %Monitor framework.

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classmethod CreateMIB(AppName As %String = "IRIS", Namespace As %String = "%SYS", EntID As %Integer = 16563, AppID As %Integer = 1, Company As %String = "intersystems", Prefix As %String = "iris", CompanyShort As %String = "isc", MIBname As %String = "ISC-IRIS", Contact As %String = "1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA 02142, Subject: ISC-IRIS.mib", List As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Create a MIB file (and an internal SNMP reference structure) for an Extension Application, based on the Monitor Framework metadata.

All MIB definitions are modeled after the InterSystems IRIS MIB. That is, the standard subtree (i.e., followed by the enterprise specific hierarchy entID.appID.objects.table.row.item.config.index. For example, the size of a database would be encoded as: .objects.DBtab.DBrow.DBsize.TEST(config).1(DBindex)

Note that most of the default parameter values reflect the actual InterSystems IRIS MIB. They are supplied as examples and should not be used for Extension Applications.

Parameters are:

AppName - the Application name as defined in the Monitor Framework. Used as the MIB Module name, it must begin with an uppercase letter and contain no punctuation.
Namespace - the namespace where the application exists
EntID - the company ID number as assigned by the IANA
AppID - the application ID number as assigned by the company
Company - the company name (lower case and no spaces or punctuation) associated with the IANA number. This is used as the identifier for the 'enterprises' object.
Prefix - a short, 3 to 5 character, lower case (no spaces or punctuation) prefix to be used for all SNMP objects
CompanyShort - a short, lower case (no spaces or punctuation) prefix for the company name. This is appended to the AppName to create a product OID name
MIBname - the name of the MIB. This is also used as the file name (with .mib)
Contact - comma-delimited string(s) containing address and contact info.
List - flag which causes progress information to be output.
classmethod DeleteMIB(EntID As %Integer, AppID As %Integer) as %Status
Delete the internal representation of the MIB for an Extension Application. This will cause the InterSystems IRIS SNMP agent to no longer register and support the MIB for this application.

Parameters are:

EntID - the IANA enterprise ID number for the company (e.g. 16536 for Intersystems)

AppID - the application ID number assigned by the company (e.g. 1 for InterSystems IRIS).

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