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class Ens.BusinessMetricKPI extends %DeepSee.AbstractKPI

This class lets an Business Metric act as a DeepSee KPI and drive DeepSee dashboards. This class is for internal InterSystems use only. You should not make direct use of it within your applications. There is no guarantee made about either the behavior or future operation of this class.

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final classmethod %GetBusinessMetricClass(pDataSourceName As %String, Output pProductionName As %String, Output pHostName As %String) as %String
Given a full name (production/host.metric) for a Business Metric, return the class name that implements it.
final classmethod %GetBusinessMetricList(Output pList) as %Status
Return list of all known Business Metrics in this namespace.
classmethod %GetKPICaptionName(pName As %Library.String = "") as %String
Return the caption as defined in the XML for this KPI.
classmethod %GetKPIName(pName As %Library.String = "") as %String
Return the logical name for this KPI.
classmethod %OnDashboardAction(pAction As %String, pContext As %ZEN.proxyObject, pDataSourceName As %String = "") as %Status
This callback is invoked from a dashboard when an action defined by this dashboard is invoked.
pAction is the logical name of the action.
pContext is a proxy object that contains various information about the action and provides a way for the method to return information to the client.
classmethod %OnGetActionList(ByRef pActions As %List, pDataSourceName As %String = "") as %Status
Callback to get additional actions for a KPI. This takes the form:
classmethod %OnGetFilterList(Output pFilters As %List, pDataSourceName As %String = "") as %Status
Callback to get additional possible filters for this KPI. This drives the list of filter selections for widget connected to this KPI. This takes the form:
classmethod %OnGetFilterMembers(pFilter As %Library.String, Output pMembers As %Library.List, pSearchKey As %Library.String = "", pDataSourceName As %Library.String = "", ByRef pFilterValues As %Library.String) as %Status
Callback to get additional members for a KPI filter. This takes the form:
pSearchKey is the search key entered by the user, if applicable.
classmethod %OnGetKPIPropertyInfo(ByRef pList As %String, pPropNo As %Integer, pDataSourceName As %String = "") as %Status
Add additional properties beyond those defined in the KPI block. This takes the form:
pList(n) = name
pList(n,"defaultValue") = value
pList(n,"columnNo") = #
pPropNo is the number of next open slot in the list.
method %OnLoadKPI() as %Status
Notify subclass that KPI is has just be executed. This is a good place to override properties, such as range and threshold.

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