Using the DeepSee Analyzer
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
  1.1 Introduction
1.2 Accessing the Analyzer
1.2.1 Accessing the Mini Analyzer
1.3 Orientation to the Analyzer and Mini Analyzer
1.3.1 Model Contents Pane
1.3.2 Pivot Builder Area
1.3.3 Pivot Preview Area
1.3.4 Mini Analyzer Differences
1.4 Displaying a Pivot Table
1.5 Exiting the Analyzer or Mini Analyzer
1.6 Location of Pivot Table Definitions
Chapter 2: 
  2.1 Introduction to the Autosave Feature
2.2 Selecting a Subject Area
2.3 Getting Familiar with a Subject Area
2.3.1 Measures
2.3.2 Dimensions
2.3.3 Pivot Variables
2.3.4 Plug-ins
2.3.5 Named Sets
2.3.6 Named Filters
2.3.7 Calculated Members
2.3.8 Pivot Tables
2.3.9 Quality Measures
2.3.10 Detail Listings
2.4 Creating a Pivot Table
2.5 Specifying the Rows in a Pivot Table
2.5.1 Items That Can Be Used in the Rows Box
2.5.2 Specifying the Rows
2.6 Specifying the Columns in a Pivot Table
2.7 Displaying Measures in a Pivot Table
2.7.1 Pivot Tables with One Measure
2.7.2 Pivot Tables with Multiple Measures
2.7.3 Controlling the Display of the Measure Headings
2.8 Displaying Properties in a Pivot Table
2.8.1 Displaying Both Properties and Measures
2.9 Transposing a Pivot Table
2.10 Changing the Order of Items
2.11 Copying and Pasting Items
2.12 Adding a Summary Row or Column
2.12.1 Adding a Summary Row or Column as a Pivot Option
2.12.2 Adding the All Member as a Summary Row or Column
2.12.3 Adding a Summary Row or Column as a Custom Aggregation
2.13 Applying 80/20 Suppression
2.14 Clearing the Autosave State of a Pivot Table
2.15 Saving a Pivot Table
Chapter 3: 
  3.1 About Filters
3.2 Dragging and Dropping Filter Items
3.3 Creating and Using a Drop-Down Menu
3.4 Adding Advanced Filters
3.5 Filtering the Base Records by Measure Value
3.6 Defining Named Filters
3.7 Redefining a Named Filter
3.8 Deleting a Pivot Variable
3.9 Using Named Filters
3.10 Disabling or Removing Filters
3.11 How DeepSee Combines Filters
3.12 Finding the Key for a Member
Chapter 4: 
  4.1 Overview
4.2 Defining a Calculated Measure
4.2.1 Measure Expressions
4.2.2 Solve Order
4.3 Defining a Calculated Member That Is Not a Measure
4.4 Redefining a Calculated Member
4.5 Deleting a Calculated Member
Chapter 5: 
  5.1 Overview
5.2 Defining a Pivot Variable
5.3 Defining and Using an Expression Pivot Variable
5.3.1 Defining an Expression Pivot Variable
5.3.2 Values for Expression Pivot Variables
5.3.3 Using an Expression Pivot Variable
5.3.4 Example
5.4 Literal Pivot Variables
5.4.1 Defining a Literal Pivot Variable
5.4.2 Values for Literal Pivot Variables
5.4.3 Using a Literal Pivot Variable
5.4.4 Example
5.5 Redefining a Pivot Variable
5.6 Deleting a Pivot Variable
Chapter 6: 
  6.1 Specifying Pivot Options
6.2 Customizing Pivot Table Items
6.3 Displaying a Constant Row or Column
6.4 Specifying a Spacer Row or Column
6.5 Displaying an Different Set for Rows or Columns
6.6 Specifying New Captions
6.7 Specifying a Format String
6.7.1 Format String Field
6.7.2 Color Piece
6.8 Specifying Cell and Header Styles
6.9 Sorting and Filtering Members
6.10 Specifying Alternative Aggregation Methods for a Measure
6.11 Customizing Double-Click Drilldown
6.12 Applying Conditional Formatting
6.12.1 Applying an Overall Color
6.12.2 Adding a Rule
6.13 Specifying the Print Settings
6.14 Specifying the MDX Query Manually
6.14.1 Modifying Details of the 80/20 Suppression Option
Chapter 7: 
  7.1 Opening a Saved Pivot Table
7.2 Disabling and Enabling Auto-Execution
7.3 Canceling a Running Query
7.4 Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel
7.5 Printing a Pivot Table
7.5.1 Requirements for Printing
7.6 Sending Email
7.7 Displaying the Pivot Table as a Chart
7.8 Deleting a Pivot Table
Chapter 8: 
  8.1 Displaying a Detail Listing
8.1.1 Displaying the Default Detail Listing
8.1.2 Displaying a Different Detail Listing
8.1.3 Creating a Custom Listing
8.1.4 Sorting a Listing
8.1.5 Exiting the Listing
8.2 Drilldown via Double-Click
8.2.1 Drilldown in a Hierarchy
8.2.2 Custom Double-Click Drilldown
8.2.3 Saving the Drilldown
8.2.4 Clearing the Drilldown
8.3 Performing Arbitrary Drilldown
8.4 Introduction to the Pivot Analysis Window