Advanced DeepSee Modeling Guide
Defining Worksheets
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Worksheets enable you to include supplemental data in dashboards and in calculated members. This chapter describes how to define them. It discusses the following topics:

Overview of Worksheets
It is often useful to include supplemental data in dashboards. DeepSee provides the ability to create worksheets into which you can type such data. Then you can use these worksheets in two ways:
Accessing the Worksheet Builder
To define and modify worksheets, you use the Worksheet Builder. To access this tool in the Management Portal:
  1. Select DeepSee.
  2. Select Tools.
The [DeepSee] > [Worksheet Builder] page initially looks like this:
On this page you can do the following:
Defining a Worksheet
If the Worksheet Builder is currently displaying a worksheet that you do not want to edit, select New. Then to define a worksheet, do the following tasks as needed:
Then save the worksheet. To do so, select Save or Save As; see the next section.
Specifying Worksheet Options
When you select Save for the first time, or when you select Save As, the Worksheet Builder displays a dialog box in which you can specify the following options for the current worksheet:
When you are done, select OK.
Specifying Style Options for Columns and Rows
You can specify additional style options for columns and rows.
To specify style for a column, select Rows on the Style tab. To specify details for a row, select Rows on the Style tab.
Then you can specify the following details on this tab:
Editing an Existing Worksheet
To edit an existing worksheet:
  1. Select Open, select the worksheet, and select OK.
  2. Make any edits as needed. See Defining Worksheets.”
Deleting an Existing Worksheet
To delete an existing worksheet:
  1. Select Open, select the worksheet you wish to delete, and select OK.
  2. Select Delete, and then select OK.