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Returns a value from a KPI or plugin. This function is a DeepSee extension to MDX.
Returned Type
This function returns a number.
Syntax and Details
%KPI uses all provided parameter values and returns the value of the given propName for the given series. For KPIs and plugins, the caption for a value is the normalized and localized property name.
For MDX-based KPIs and plugins, you can use the special %CONTEXT parameter to cause the KPI to consider the context of query, which is otherwise ignored. For its value, specify a combination of the following flags:
Use a pipe character (|) to combine flags, for example: "rows|columns". The value "all" is equivalent to "rows|columns|filters". (The %MDX function also uses this parameter; see %MDX for examples.)
If you use the %CONTEXT parameter, remember to enclose it in quotes. Also, you must specify a value for this parameter unless you use it as the last parameter. For example, the following is valid:
%KPI("%DeepSee.Median","MEDIAN",1,"%measure","Amount Sold","%CONTEXT")
The following is also valid:
%KPI("%DeepSee.Median","MEDIAN",1,"%CONTEXT","all","%measure","Amount Sold")
But the following is not correct and will not be interpreted as desired:
%KPI("%DeepSee.Median","MEDIAN",1,"%CONTEXT","%measure","Amount Sold")
KPIs (other than plugins) are executed synchronously by default but can be defined to execute asynchronously.
The following example gets the value of the PatCount property for the first row of the DemoMDX KPI:
SELECT %KPI("demomdx","PatCount") ON 0 FROM patients
                             Patient Count
The following example defines a calculated measure that uses the %DeepSee.Plugin.Median sample plugin:
WITH MEMBER [MEASURES].[Median Amount Sold] AS 
'%KPI("%DeepSee.Median","MEDIAN",1,"%measure","Amount Sold","%CONTEXT")' 
NON EMPTY [Product].[P1].[Product Name].Members ON 1 
FROM [HoleFoods]

                         Amount Sold   Median Amount Sold
 1 Bagels (dozen)               38.96                 2.95
 2 Bundt Cake                1,632.01                19.95
 3 Calamari (frozen            566.90                22.95
 4 Cheerios (box)              600.11                 3.95
 5 Donuts (dozen)              429.36                 2.95
 6 Free-range Donut          1,310.64                12.95
 7 Fruit Loops (box            772.83                 4.95
 8 Lifesavers (roll            248.96                 1.15
 9 Onion ring                  377.25                 4.95
10 Onion ring                   28.57                 5.95
11 Penne (box)                 176.72                 1.95
12 Pineapple Rings             512.00                 8.95
13 Pretzels (bag)               88.12                 3.95
14 Swiss Cheese (sl            445.10                 5.95
15 Tortellini (froz          1,000.89                 6.95
16 Unsalted Pretzel            316.70                 4.25
17 Ziti (box)                  979.43                 4.81
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