Developing DTL Transformations
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
  1.1 Background
1.2 Introduction to the Data Transformation Builder Page
1.3 Introduction to the DTL Diagram
1.4 Controlling the Display
1.5 Introduction to the Data Transformation List Page
1.6 Other Tools
1.7 Using Data Transformations
Chapter 2: 
  2.1 Creating a Transformation
2.2 Opening an Existing Transformation
2.3 Specifying Transformation Details
2.3.1 Using the Create existing Option
2.4 Editing Transformation Actions
2.4.1 Adding an Action
2.4.2 Editing an Action
2.5 Rearranging Actions
2.6 Undoing a Change
2.7 Saving a Transformation
2.8 Compiling a Transformation
2.9 Deleting a Transformation
Chapter 3: 
  3.1 References to Message Properties
3.2 Literal Values
3.2.1 XML Reserved Characters
3.2.2 Separator Characters in Virtual Documents
3.2.3 When XML Reserved Characters Are Also Separators
3.2.4 Numeric Character Codes
3.3 Valid Expressions
Chapter 4: 
  4.1 Introduction
4.1.1 Objects and Object References
4.2 Copying the Source Message
4.3 Copying a Value from a Source Property to a Target Property
4.4 Copying Values of All Sub-properties
4.5 Assigning a Literal Value to a Target Property
4.6 Using an Expression for the Value of a Target Property
4.6.1 Using the Data Transform Function Wizard
4.7 Assigning a Value to a Collection Item
4.8 Inserting a List Item
4.9 Appending a List Item
4.10 Removing a Collection Item
4.11 Clearing a Collection Property
Chapter 5: 
  5.1 Adding an If Action
5.2 Adding a For Each Action
5.2.1 Shortcuts for the For Each Action
5.2.2 Avoiding <STORE> Errors with Large Messages
5.3 Adding a Subtransform Action
5.3.1 Example
5.4 Adding a Trace Action
5.5 Adding a Code Action
5.5.1 Guidelines for Using Custom Code in DTL
5.6 Adding an SQL Action
5.6.1 Guidelines for Using SQL in DTL
Chapter 6: 
  6.1 Using the Transformation Testing Page
6.2 Testing a Transformation Programmatically