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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
  1.1 New Features in Ensemble 2017.1
1.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2017.1
1.2.1 Business Process Lock Changes
1.2.2 XML VDoc Handling of Missing Values Changes
1.2.3 XML VDoc Child of Repeating Parent Changes
1.2.4 Ensemble Java Gateway Defaults to JDK 1.8
1.2.5 Ensemble DotNet and Java Gateways Support Validated Connections
1.2.6 Search Tables Now Handle Vertical Bars
Chapter 2: 
  2.1 New Features in Ensemble 2016.2
2.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2016.2
2.2.1 Production Status Hover Tip May Be Stale
2.2.2 IsEnsembleNamespace Method Returns Information About Specified Namespace
2.2.3 Efficiency Improvements Changed VDoc XSD Schema Structure
2.2.4 Ensemble Editors Now Respect Source Control Readonly Property
2.2.5 Ensemble X12 Business Service Limits 999 Implementation Acknowledgement to Allowed Transaction Set Codes
Chapter 3: 
  3.1 New Features in Ensemble 2016.1
3.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2016.1
3.2.1 EnsLib.REST.Service Handles Query Parameters Differently
3.2.2 Upgrading Ensemble Sets _Ensemble User to Not Expire
3.2.3 Business Process Termination Error Now Includes Text from Underlying Error
3.2.4 Ensemble Checks that Default Database Allows Write Access
3.2.5 Inbound TCP Adapters May Report Additional Errors on Startup
3.2.6 Option to Improve Restart with Suspended Messages Changes Storage Location
3.2.7 Improved Validation of ebXML Messages Changes Behavior
3.2.8 Additional Log Messages when Disconnecting Java Gateway
3.2.9 Email Outbound Adapter Defaults Change
3.2.10 FTP Failure to Delete Network File Handled Without Reprocessing File
3.2.11 Router Sets Message Headers Correctly After Timeout
3.2.12 BPL No Longer Allows Two Calls With the Same Name
3.2.13 TCP Counted Adapter Now Checks Incoming Length
3.2.14 Disabling a Business Process with a Pool Size of 0
3.2.15 Improved Check of Permissions for Purging Alerts
3.2.16 XML File and FTP Operations Write Search Table Data
3.2.17 Purging Completed Business Process Instances with Null TimeCreated Values
Chapter 4: 
  4.1 New Features in Ensemble 2015.2
4.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2015.2
4.2.1 Upgrading Enterprise Message Bank Requires Rebuilding Indices
Chapter 5: 
  5.1 New Features in Ensemble 2015.1
5.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2015.1
5.2.1 New Global and Database Used to Store Credentials Passwords
5.2.2 New Databases and Changes to Where Temporary Globals are Stored
5.2.3 JDBC SQL Returns Large Objects as Streams instead of Strings
5.2.4 Lookup Table Import and Export Format Changed to be Compatible with Studio
5.2.5 Deleting X12 Objects Deletes Child Objects
5.2.6 DTL foreach Error Reported Correctly
Chapter 6: 
  6.1 New Features in Ensemble 2014.1
6.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2014.1
6.2.1 HL7 Sequence Manager Automatically Adds Index
6.2.2 New Security Resource to Control Exporting Deployment Packages
6.2.3 Ensemble HL7 Supports Long Strings
6.2.4 GetProductionStatus Returns Improved Status Information
6.2.5 Ens.Settings has New GetSettingRow Method
6.2.6 Ensemble CSP Pages Set UseCookies Property
6.2.7 Viewing EDI Raw Contents Inserts Newlines for Consistency
6.2.8 Improved Handling of Spaces in FTP File Names
6.2.9 Ensemble Automatically Recompiles VDOC Search Tables During Upgrade
6.2.10 Ensemble Custom Schema Validation Reports Errors at Compile Time
6.2.11 Port Declaration Property for TCP adapter Changed
6.2.12 Change in Handling HL7 Message Header Name Field
6.2.13 Changes in HL7 Schema Representation
Chapter 7: 
  7.1 New Features in Ensemble 2013.1
7.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2013.1
7.2.1 Simplified X12 Schema Representation
7.2.2 Need to Perform Cleanup after Upgrading from Previous Versions
7.2.3 Improve Access to ASTM Documents by Building Index
7.2.4 Enable Access to DeepSee Dashboard Pages
Chapter 8: 
  8.1 New Features in Ensemble 2012.2
8.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2012.2
8.2.1 New Compiler Behavior for DTL Classes
8.2.2 New DTL Classes Created with IGNOREMISSINGSOURCE Parameter Set to True
8.2.3 Rules Conversion and Upgrade
8.2.4 Change in Operator Precedence in Business Rules and Routing Rule Conditions
Chapter 9: 
  9.1 New Features in Ensemble 2012.1
9.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2012.1
9.2.1 New Management Portal User Interface
9.2.2 Business Rule Conversion
9.2.3 Changes in Rule Log Structure
9.2.4 New Dashboard Development Tool
9.2.5 New Security Model for Management Portal
9.2.6 Changes to Workflow User Interface
9.2.7 Updated Selectivity and Extent Size of the Message Warehouse
9.2.8 Updated Saved Message Searches
9.2.9 Removed CSPX Files from Distribution
9.2.10 Updated Search Table Validation
9.2.11 New DTL Classes Created with REPORTERRORS Parameter Set to True
9.2.12 Updated Legal Character Checking in Configuration Names
9.2.13 Change in Inactivity Timeout Behavior
9.2.14 Removed Host Monitor from User Interface
9.2.15 Improved Notification for Stopping a Running Production
9.2.16 Change in $$$EnsSystemError Behavior
9.3 Finding Ensemble Options in the New Management Portal
Chapter 10: 
  10.1 New Features in Ensemble 2010.2
10.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2010.2
10.2.1 Remove Support for HL7v2 Framing with XML Text
10.2.2 Update Error Handling on HTTP Outbound Adapter
10.2.3 Update Error Processing in File Outbound Adapter
10.2.4 Change Return Status on HTTP Inbound Adapter
10.2.5 Add Requirement to Subclass Message Bank Production
10.2.6 Update Disable Behavior of Business Processes
Chapter 11: 
  11.1 New Features in Ensemble 2010.1
11.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2010.1
11.2.1 Relocate RemoveItem() Configuration Method
11.2.2 Add Configuration Setting on TCP Counted Outbound Adapter
11.2.3 Correct Type Node in HL7 Sequence Manager Global
11.2.4 Correct Behavior of HL7 Configuration Framing Setting
11.2.5 Add Support for Legacy FTPS Protocol to FTP Adapters
11.2.6 Changes in Mapping of Custom Schemas
Chapter 12: 
  12.1 New Features in Ensemble 2009.1
12.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2009.1
12.2.1 Changes in HL7 Storage Structure
12.2.2 New ReplyCodeActions Property in Process and Operation Classes
12.2.3 New Mechanism for Editing Messages Replaces the %DrawEditForm() Method
12.2.4 Increased Alert Level for Data Transformation Errors
12.2.5 Changes to Pool Size Configuration Behavior on TCP Service
12.2.6 Renamed Column in Statistics Queries
12.2.7 Alert Support for Services Invoked Outside Ensemble
12.2.8 Changes in Empty Schema Category Behavior
Chapter 13: 
  13.1 New Features in Ensemble 2008.2
13.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2008.2
Chapter 14: 
  14.1 New Features in Ensemble 2008.1
14.2 Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2008.1
14.2.1 DTL Validation Errors
14.2.2 AllowSessions Setting Removed from EnsLib.SOAP.Service
Chapter 15: 
  15.1 Ensemble 2007.1
15.2 Ensemble 4.0
15.3 Ensemble 3.1
15.4 Ensemble 3.0
15.5 Ensemble 2.1
15.6 Ensemble 2.0
15.7 Ensemble 1.0