Ensemble Release Notes
New Features and Enhancements
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This chapter describes the following new features and enhancements:

Ensemble 2016.2 Features and Enhancements
Ensemble 2016.2 provides minor feature and efficiency improvements. These include the following:
Caché 2016.2 Features
Ensemble 2016.2 runs on top of Caché 2016.2. This means that, in addition to changes in Ensemble between 2016.1 and 2016.2, the new Ensemble release includes a large number of updates in the underlying Caché technologies.
Caché 2016.2 has major developments including server support for Atelier, the new Eclipse-based IDE. To learn about the Caché changes that may relate to your Ensemble environment, begin with the InterSystems online documentation set called Getting Started with Caché. See New and Enhanced Features for Caché 2016.2 in the Caché Release Notes.
If you are upgrading, also see the Caché Upgrade Checklists.