Ensemble HL7 Version 2 Development Guide
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
  1.1 Ensemble Support for HL7 Version 2
1.2 An HL7 Version 2 Routing Production
Chapter 2: 
  2.1 Overview of HL7 Schemas and Messages
2.2 Using the HL7 Schema Structures Page
2.2.1 Viewing a List of Document Types
2.2.2 Viewing a Message Structure
2.2.3 Viewing a Segment Structure
2.2.4 Viewing a Data Structure
2.2.5 Viewing a Code Table
2.2.6 Choosing a Different Category
2.3 Using the Custom Schema Editor
2.3.1 Creating a New Custom Schema
2.3.2 Defining a New Segment
2.3.3 Defining a New Message Type and Structure Type
2.3.4 Editing Data Structures and Code Tables
2.4 Using the HL7 Message Viewer Page
2.4.1 Selecting Options
2.4.2 Parsing the Message
2.4.3 Testing a Transformation
2.5 Viewing Batch Messages
2.6 HL7 Classes
2.6.1 Details on the HL7 Message Class
Chapter 3: 
  3.1 Creating a New HL7 Routing Production
3.2 Adding HL7 Business Services
3.2.1 Creating an HL7 Business Service
3.2.2 Integrating and Configuring an HL7 Business Service
3.3 Adding HL7 Routing Processes
3.3.1 Creating an HL7 Routing Process
3.3.2 Integrating and Configuring an HL7 Routing Process
3.4 Adding HL7 Sequence Managers
3.4.1 Creating an HL7 Sequence Manager
3.4.2 Integrating and Configuring an HL7 Sequence Manager
3.4.3 Accessing HL7 Sequence Data Programmatically
3.5 Adding HL7 Business Operations
3.5.1 Creating an HL7 Business Operation
3.5.2 Integrating and Configuring an HL7 Business Operation
3.6 Pager and Email Alerts
Chapter 4: 
  4.1 Defining Routing Rule Sets for HL7
4.2 Defining DTL Data Transformations for HL7
4.2.1 Null Mapping Codes
4.3 Defining HL7 Search Tables
4.3.1 Properties That Are Indexed by Default
4.3.2 Examples
Chapter 5: 
  5.1 HL7 Acknowledgment (ACK) Mode
5.2 HL7 Dual Acknowledgment Sequences
5.2.1 Dual ACK Sequence for Incoming Messages
5.2.2 Dual ACK Sequence for Outgoing Messages
5.2.3 Configuring a Dual ACK Sequence
5.3 HL7 Batch Messages
5.3.1 Supported Batch Formats
5.3.2 Processing Incoming Batch Documents
5.3.3 Sending Batch Messages
5.3.4 Batch Modes
5.3.5 Custom Outbound Batch Handling
Reference A: 
  Settings for HL7 Business Services — Provides reference information for settings for HL7 business services.
Settings for HL7 Routing Processes — Provides reference information for settings of an HL7 routing process.
Settings for HL7 Sequence Managers — Provides reference information for settings of an HL7 sequence manager.
Settings for HL7 Business Operations — Provides reference information for settings of an HL7 business operation.
HL7 Escape Sequences — Provides reference information for HL7 escape sequences.