Creating SOAP Services and Web Clients with Ensemble
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Class Reference   

Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
  1.1 Ensemble Support for Web Services
1.2 Ensemble Support for Web Clients
1.2.1 The SOAP Wizard
1.2.2 The Proxy Client
1.2.3 The Business Operation of an Ensemble Web Client
Chapter 2: 
  2.1 Overall Behavior
2.2 Basic Requirements
2.3 Defining Web Methods for Use in Ensemble
2.3.1 Basic Steps of an Ensemble Web Method
2.3.2 Returning Faults to the Caller
2.3.3 Example
2.4 Viewing the WSDL
2.5 Web Service Example
2.6 Enabling SOAP Sessions
2.7 Additional Options
2.8 Adding and Configuring the Web Service
Chapter 3: 
  3.1 Overview
3.2 Basic Steps
3.2.1 Using the SOAP Wizard
3.3 Generated Classes for an Ensemble Web Client
3.4 Creating a Business Operation Class Manually
3.4.1 Basic Requirements of the Class
3.4.2 Basic Requirements of the Methods
3.4.3 Ways to Execute the Proxy Methods
3.4.4 Reference Information
3.5 Adding and Configuring the Web Client
3.5.1 Specifying Basics
3.5.2 Specifying Credentials
3.5.3 Specifying an SSL Configuration
3.5.4 Specifying a Proxy Server
Appendix A: 
Appendix B: 
  B.1 Notes
B.2 Development Tasks
B.3 Configuration Tasks
Appendix C: 
  C.1 Overview
C.2 Implementing the OnProcessInput() Method
C.2.1 Using the pHint Argument
Reference A: 
  Settings for the SOAP Inbound Adapter — Provides reference information for settings of the SOAP inbound adapter, EnsLib.SOAP.InboundAdapter. Also see Creating an Ensemble Web Service, which does not require this adapter.
Settings for the SOAP Outbound Adapter — Provides reference information for settings of the SOAP outbound adapter, EnsLib.SOAP.OutboundAdapter.