Ensemble X12 Development Guide
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
  1.1 Introduction to X12
1.2 X12 and HIPAA
1.3 Standard Exchange Format (SEF) Files
1.4 Ensemble Support for X12 Documents
Chapter 2: 
  2.1 Using the X12 Schema Structures Page
2.1.1 Loading X12 Schemas into Ensemble
2.1.2 Viewing a Document Structure
2.1.3 Viewing a Segment Structure
2.1.4 Viewing a Composite Structure
2.1.5 Choosing a Different Category
2.2 Using the X12 Document Viewer Page
2.2.1 Selecting Options
2.2.2 Parsing the Document
2.2.3 Testing a Transformation
2.3 X12 Classes
2.4 Creating Custom X12 Schemas
2.5 Defining X12 Search Tables
Chapter 3: 
  3.1 Creating a new X12 Production
3.2 Adding an X12 Business Service
3.3 Adding an X12 Business Process
3.4 Adding an X12 Routing Rule
3.5 Adding an X12 Data Transformation
3.6 Adding an X12 Business Operation
Chapter 4: 
  4.1 X12 Batch Handling
4.1.1 Receiving Batch Documents
4.1.2 Sending Batch Documents
4.1.3 Batch Modes
4.2 Configuring Business Processes for Whole Batch
4.2.1 Routing Rules for Whole Batch
4.2.2 Data Transformations for Whole Batch
4.3 Configuring Business Processes for Other Batch Settings
4.3.1 Routing Rules for Other Batch Settings
4.3.2 Data Transformations for Other Batch Settings
Reference A: 
  Settings for X12 Business Services — Provides reference information for settings of an X12 business service.
Settings for X12 Business Processes — Provides reference information for settings of an X12 business process.
Settings for X12 Business Operations — Provides reference information for settings of an X12 business operation.