Caché Parameter File Reference
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Enable/disable locking shared memory or the text segment into memory.
[config]    memlock=n
The value n is a bit flag that specifies 1) whether or not shared memory and/or the text segment (Caché program code space) are to be locked in memory to improve access time or 2) whether or not Microsoft Windows uses only small pages. Values are specified as follows:
Range of Values
For operating systems based from UNIX and Linux: 0, 7. The default is 0.
For OpenVMS: 0, 7, 8, or 15. The default is 0.
For Windows: 0, 1. The default is 0.
Option for Windows only: A Cache instance under the SYSTEM account uses large pages automatically (based on the SELockMemory privilege). Due to lengthy startup times for large pages on Windows, you might want to use small pages instead, using memlock=1. For more information, see the section Large Memory Pages on Windows in the Caché Installation Guide.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Advanced Memory, in each of the following rows, select Edit and choose a value: