Caché QuickStart Tutorial
Exercise: Creating the Address Class
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Now let’s enrich the contact application to include an address for each contact. As an exercise, create the application's Address class using the Studio New Caché Class Definition wizard:

Address should contain the following properties:
Property Name Type
Street %String
City %String
State %String
Zip %String
After creating the class definition, click Build–>Compile to compile the class. Then complete the following steps:
  1. Add a Home property of type ContactDB.Address to Contact. The property declaration looks like this
    Property Home As ContactDB.Address;
  2. Use Terminal to delete all of the existing Contact instances. Use the following command:
    USER>Do ##class(ContactDB.Contact).%KillExtent()
  3. Use Terminal to re-populate Contact with contacts that also have address data. Use the following command. Note that the population utility will automatically assign address data to the new contacts.
    USER>Do ##class(ContactDB.Contact).Populate(10)