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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.Workspace.Workspace extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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method %OnNew(pWorkspaceFolder As %String) as %Status
Inherited description: This callback method is invoked by the %New() method to provide notification that a new instance of an object is being created.

If this method returns an error then the object will not be created.

It is passed the arguments provided in the %New call. When customizing this method, override the arguments with whatever variables and types you expect to receive from %New(). For example, if you're going to call %New, passing 2 arguments, %OnNew's signature could be:

Method %OnNew(dob as %Date = "", name as %Name = "") as %Status If instead of returning a %Status code this returns an oref and this oref is a subclass of the current class then this oref will be the one returned to the caller of %New method.

method CountMessages() as %Integer
classmethod CountMessagesIn(pWorkspaceFolder As %String) as %Integer
classmethod CreateWorkspace(pWorkspaceFolderName As %String, pSourcePath As %String, pVersion As %String, pOptionalSchemaName As %String, pKeySpec As %String, pQuiet As %Boolean, pLogger As Logger, Output pRejectedMessages) as %String
Returns "" if OK, otherwise an error message

Note: a session must be active before this is called

method GetDerivedSchemaNames(Output pDerivedSchemaNames)
method GetWorkspaceVersion() as %String
method MakeSchemaDirectory(pMessagesFolder As %String, pBaseSchemaName As %String, pSchemaSource As %String) as %String
method Pass1(pRigSchemas As RigSchemaCollection, pCombine As %Boolean, pQuiet As %Boolean, pLogger As Logger) as %String
pass1 - match using message type
method Pass2(pRigSchemas As RigSchemaCollection, pCombine As %Boolean, pQuiet As %Boolean, pLogger As Logger) as %String
pass2 - match freely
method Pass3(pRigSchemas As RigSchemaCollection, pCombine As %Boolean, pQuiet As %Boolean, pLogger As Logger, Output pDerivedSchemaNames As %List, pConfig As Config = ##class(Config).%New()) as %String
pass3 - derive new schemas
classmethod WorkspaceExists(pWorkspaceFolder As %String, Output pSubTypeArgs) as %Boolean

  • "" => does not exist
  • 1 => exists as a workspace folder
  • "..." => error message (length > 1)

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