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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.IniFile extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Note that the section and key names in the .INI file can be of any letter case but the section spec and section names passed to methods of this class MUST use upper-case in section and key names

Method Inventory


method %OnNew(pSectionSpec As %String, pInputStream As %Stream.Object) as %Status
Throws an exception if the load fails
method Dump()
classmethod FromFile(pSectionSpec As %String, pPath As %String) as IniFile
classmethod FromString(pSectionSpec As %String, pString As %String, pDelimiter As %String = $Char(10)) as IniFile
method GetMultiSectionAtIndex(pSectionName As %String, pSectionIndex As %Integer, ByRef pMultiSection)
method GetMultiSectionCount(pSectionName As %String) as %Integer
method GetSingleSection(pSectionName As %String, ByRef pSingleSection)

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