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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.AbstractGraph extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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method AddEdge(pSourceNodeName As %String, pDestNodeName As %String, pAbstractLabel As %String = "")
method AddToDigraph(pDigraph As %CPT.Tree.SimpleDigraph, pRootNodeColor As %String = "")
method Closure(pNodeName As %String) as %List
return a list of node names for the transitive closure of the edge graph from the given node
the given node is included in the list
method Cyclic(pNodeName As %String) as %Boolean
return whether the given node heads a cycle
this will trigger the closure traversal of the node unless it's available in the cache
method Dests(pNodeName As %String) as %List
method Dump()
method EdgeLabel(pSourceNode As %String, pDestNode As %String, pAbstractLabel As %String = "") as %String
virtual default
method GetNode(pSourceNodeName As %String) as %RegisteredObject
method NodeCount() as %Integer
method NodesStartingWith(pPrefix As %String) as %List
method RemoveNode(pNodeName As %String)
method Roots() as %List
return a list of all the nodes which have no incoming edge
method SetNode(pSourceNodeName As %String, pObject As %RegisteredObject)

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