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class %ZHSLIB.Services.Client extends %SOAP.WebClient

This is the client side class for the SOAP NVPair Service. Users must initiate the object, set the Location property before calling the GetNVPair method. Here is an example of invoking this WebService to get Role information from a remote system set wsclient=##class(%ZHSLIB.Services.Client).%New() set wsclient.Location="http://localhost:57773/csp/hshub/_ZHSLIB.Services.Server.cls" set nvpair=wsclient.GetNVPair("ResourcesAndRoles") After this, 'nvpair' is an object of %ZHSLIB.Services.NVPair containing the information returned from the server.

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parameter NAMESPACE =;
Inherited description: NAMESPACE - Should be an unique URI Override this parameter in the subclass with the unique namespace URI of your organization. Override this parameter in the subclass.
Use xsi:type attribute for literal types.
parameter SERVICENAME = HS.Hub.SoapNVPair;
Inherited description: SERVICENAME - Should be the name of the service for which this is a proxy. Override this parameter in the subclass.


final method GetNVPair(pType As %String, pParameter As %String = "") as %ZHSLIB.Services.NVPair [ WebMethod ]
classmethod GetSysSyncState(pHost As %String = "", pPath As %String = "", pPort As %String = "") as %String
classmethod InvokeHubService(pUseRegistry As %Boolean, pServiceClassName As %String, pProxyClassName As %String, pMethodName As %String, Output pResponse, pArgs...) as %Status
Called by SyncConfiguration to determine the Hub endpoint
classmethod SyncConfiguration(pHost As %String = "", pPath As %String = "", pPort As %String = "", pFullSync As %Boolean = 0) as %Status

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