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class EnsLib.ITK.DTS.Framework.Service.DTSConfigFile extends Ens.BusinessService

This Business Service is responsible for creating the DTS client directory structure, client configuration file and managing the DTS Client executable.

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parameter ADAPTER = Ens.InboundAdapter;
Inherited description: The type of adapter used to communicate with external systems
parameter SETTINGS = DTSCredentials,InterfaceRoot,CertificatePath,PrimaryURL,PollMode,PollPeriod,DTSExeLocation;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property CertificatePath as %String (MAXLEN = 250) [ InitialExpression = "c:\dtsv4\certs\Class 3 Primary Certificate Authority.cer" , Required ];
The specified location of the certificate.
Property methods: CertificatePathDisplayToLogical(), CertificatePathGet(), CertificatePathIsValid(), CertificatePathLogicalToDisplay(), CertificatePathLogicalToOdbc(), CertificatePathNormalize(), CertificatePathSet()
property ClientLogLevel as %String [ InitialExpression = "1" ];
Parameter controlling the level of logging. 1 is default. Range is 0 to 3. 0 is debug.
Property methods: ClientLogLevelDisplayToLogical(), ClientLogLevelGet(), ClientLogLevelIsValid(), ClientLogLevelLogicalToDisplay(), ClientLogLevelLogicalToOdbc(), ClientLogLevelNormalize(), ClientLogLevelSet()
property CollectReport as %String [ InitialExpression = "N" ];
Parameter controlling the generation of reports by the DTS Client, indicating that it has taken responsibility for the Data Transfer files.
Property methods: CollectReportDisplayToLogical(), CollectReportGet(), CollectReportIsValid(), CollectReportLogicalToDisplay(), CollectReportLogicalToOdbc(), CollectReportNormalize(), CollectReportSet()
property DTSCredentials as %String [ InitialExpression = "1" , Required ];
Site specific Credentials for the DTS Client.
Property methods: DTSCredentialsDisplayToLogical(), DTSCredentialsGet(), DTSCredentialsIsValid(), DTSCredentialsLogicalToDisplay(), DTSCredentialsLogicalToOdbc(), DTSCredentialsNormalize(), DTSCredentialsSet()
property DTSExeLocation as %String [ InitialExpression = "C:\dtsv4\WIN32\DTSClient" ];
Location of DTS Client exe.
Property methods: DTSExeLocationDisplayToLogical(), DTSExeLocationGet(), DTSExeLocationIsValid(), DTSExeLocationLogicalToDisplay(), DTSExeLocationLogicalToOdbc(), DTSExeLocationNormalize(), DTSExeLocationSet()
property DelayReport as %String [ InitialExpression = "N" ];
Parameter controlling the generation of reports from the DTS Client indicating that the transfer is delayed if it fails to transfer the Data Files to the DTS Server but the Client is configured to retry.
Property methods: DelayReportDisplayToLogical(), DelayReportGet(), DelayReportIsValid(), DelayReportLogicalToDisplay(), DelayReportLogicalToOdbc(), DelayReportNormalize(), DelayReportSet()
property FilePoll as %String [ InitialExpression = "120" ];
Property methods: FilePollDisplayToLogical(), FilePollGet(), FilePollIsValid(), FilePollLogicalToDisplay(), FilePollLogicalToOdbc(), FilePollNormalize(), FilePollSet()
property InterfaceRoot as %String [ InitialExpression = "C:\dtsv4" , Required ];
The file system path to the root of the DTS Client File Interface.
Property methods: InterfaceRootDisplayToLogical(), InterfaceRootGet(), InterfaceRootIsValid(), InterfaceRootLogicalToDisplay(), InterfaceRootLogicalToOdbc(), InterfaceRootNormalize(), InterfaceRootSet()
property LogPath as %String [ InitialExpression = "c:\dtsv4\log" , Required ];
The location where the client log files dtsclient.log and dts_ssl.log will be created
Property methods: LogPathDisplayToLogical(), LogPathGet(), LogPathIsValid(), LogPathLogicalToDisplay(), LogPathLogicalToOdbc(), LogPathNormalize(), LogPathSet()
property MaxMessages as %String [ InitialExpression = "500" ];
The number of messages that can be upload/downloaded per poll period.
Property methods: MaxMessagesDisplayToLogical(), MaxMessagesGet(), MaxMessagesIsValid(), MaxMessagesLogicalToDisplay(), MaxMessagesLogicalToOdbc(), MaxMessagesNormalize(), MaxMessagesSet()
property MaxMessagesDown as %String [ InitialExpression = "500" ];
An individual MaxMessages down tag have been introduced to give the administrator more control over message flow to the DTS Server.
Property methods: MaxMessagesDownDisplayToLogical(), MaxMessagesDownGet(), MaxMessagesDownIsValid(), MaxMessagesDownLogicalToDisplay(), MaxMessagesDownLogicalToOdbc(), MaxMessagesDownNormalize(), MaxMessagesDownSet()
property MaxMessagesUp as %String [ InitialExpression = "500" ];
An individual MaxMessages up tag have been introduced to give the administrator more control over message flow to the DTS Server.
Property methods: MaxMessagesUpDisplayToLogical(), MaxMessagesUpGet(), MaxMessagesUpIsValid(), MaxMessagesUpLogicalToDisplay(), MaxMessagesUpLogicalToOdbc(), MaxMessagesUpNormalize(), MaxMessagesUpSet()
property PollMode as %String (VALUELIST = ",Upload,Download,Reverse") [ InitialExpression = "Reverse" , Required ];
The poll mode option offers 3 distinct ways of running the client.
Property methods: PollModeDisplayToLogical(), PollModeGet(), PollModeIsValid(), PollModeLogicalToDisplay(), PollModeLogicalToOdbc(), PollModeNormalize(), PollModeSet()
property PollPeriod as %String [ InitialExpression = "10" ];
PollPeriod is defined in minutes and is the period of time the client waits between sending and receiving messages to and from the DTS Server.
Property methods: PollPeriodDisplayToLogical(), PollPeriodGet(), PollPeriodIsValid(), PollPeriodLogicalToDisplay(), PollPeriodLogicalToOdbc(), PollPeriodNormalize(), PollPeriodSet()
property PollReport as %String [ InitialExpression = "Y" ];
Parameter controlling the generation of reports indicating that the poll to the DTS Server to check for received transfers has succeeded or failed.
Property methods: PollReportDisplayToLogical(), PollReportGet(), PollReportIsValid(), PollReportLogicalToDisplay(), PollReportLogicalToOdbc(), PollReportNormalize(), PollReportSet()
property PrimaryURL as %String [ InitialExpression = "" , Required ];
The name of the DTS Server to which the DTS Client will connect.
Property methods: PrimaryURLDisplayToLogical(), PrimaryURLGet(), PrimaryURLIsValid(), PrimaryURLLogicalToDisplay(), PrimaryURLLogicalToOdbc(), PrimaryURLNormalize(), PrimaryURLSet()
property SaveSent as %String [ InitialExpression = "Y" ];
Parameter controlling the copying of sent Data Transfer files into the SENT folder on successful Transfer to the DTS Server.
Property methods: SaveSentDisplayToLogical(), SaveSentGet(), SaveSentIsValid(), SaveSentLogicalToDisplay(), SaveSentLogicalToOdbc(), SaveSentNormalize(), SaveSentSet()
property ServerPoll as %String [ InitialExpression = "15" ];
Property methods: ServerPollDisplayToLogical(), ServerPollGet(), ServerPollIsValid(), ServerPollLogicalToDisplay(), ServerPollLogicalToOdbc(), ServerPollNormalize(), ServerPollSet()
property ServerRetry as %String [ InitialExpression = "3" ];
The number of retries allowed for a message if the DTS Server is unavailable (but not busy).
Property methods: ServerRetryDisplayToLogical(), ServerRetryGet(), ServerRetryIsValid(), ServerRetryLogicalToDisplay(), ServerRetryLogicalToOdbc(), ServerRetryNormalize(), ServerRetrySet()
property TransferReport as %String [ InitialExpression = "Y" ];
Parameter controlling the generation of reports indicating that the transfer of the Data Files to the DTS Server has succeeded.
Property methods: TransferReportDisplayToLogical(), TransferReportGet(), TransferReportIsValid(), TransferReportLogicalToDisplay(), TransferReportLogicalToOdbc(), TransferReportNormalize(), TransferReportSet()
property WorkPath as %String [ InitialExpression = "c:\dtsv4\work" , Required ];
This is the location used by the client for managing working files, such as sequence id file and log rollover timestamp file.
Property methods: WorkPathDisplayToLogical(), WorkPathGet(), WorkPathIsValid(), WorkPathLogicalToDisplay(), WorkPathLogicalToOdbc(), WorkPathNormalize(), WorkPathSet()


method OnInit() as %Status
Inherited description: This user callback method is called via initConfig() from %OnNew() or in the case of SOAP Services from OnPreSOAP()
method OnProcessInput(pInput As %Library.RegisteredObject, pOutput As %Library.RegisteredObject, ByRef pHint As %Library.String) as %Status
Inherited description: Override this method to process incoming data. Do not call SendRequestSync/Async() from outside this method (e.g. in a SOAP Service or a CSP page).
method OnTearDown() as %Status
Inherited description: This user callback method is called from %OnClose()

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