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class EnsLib.ITK.DTS.Framework.Service.DTSControlFile extends Ens.BusinessService

This Business Service is responsible for polling the DTS control Files which could be either DTS Data Control files or DTS Transfer reports.

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parameter ADAPTER = EnsLib.File.InboundAdapter;
Inherited description: The type of adapter used to communicate with external systems
parameter CONTAINERCLASS = Ens.StreamContainer;
parameter SETTINGS = TargetConfigName,EndpointURL,DistributionMode,TransferType,InvocationPattern,Service;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property DistributionMode as %String (VALUELIST = ",Relay,Authoritative,Non-Authoritative") [ InitialExpression = "Relay" , Required ];
Determines how Distribution Envelope wrapped messages will be delivered. Messages distributed from a 'Relay' service will be distributed using the best match from both Authoritive and Non-authoritive rules
Property methods: DistributionModeDisplayToLogical(), DistributionModeGet(), DistributionModeIsValid(), DistributionModeLogicalToDisplay(), DistributionModeLogicalToOdbc(), DistributionModeNormalize(), DistributionModeSet()
property EndpointURL as %String);
The complete URL of this Business Service.
E.g. http://server:port/csp/itk/ITK.Framework.Service.SOAPRequestHandler.cls
Property methods: EndpointURLDisplayToLogical(), EndpointURLGet(), EndpointURLIsValid(), EndpointURLLogicalToDisplay(), EndpointURLLogicalToOdbc(), EndpointURLNormalize(), EndpointURLSet()
property InvocationPattern as %String (VALUELIST = ",Asynchronous,Derived") [ InitialExpression = "Asynchronous" , Required ];
Determines the Invocation Pattern which for DTS should be Asynchronous.
Property methods: InvocationPatternDisplayToLogical(), InvocationPatternGet(), InvocationPatternIsValid(), InvocationPatternLogicalToDisplay(), InvocationPatternLogicalToOdbc(), InvocationPatternNormalize(), InvocationPatternSet()
property Service as %String) [ InitialExpression = "urn:nhs-itk:services:201005:" ];
Workflow ID of DTS needs to be prefixed with the Service Name
Property methods: ServiceDisplayToLogical(), ServiceGet(), ServiceIsValid(), ServiceLogicalToDisplay(), ServiceLogicalToOdbc(), ServiceNormalize(), ServiceSet()
property TargetConfigName as %String (MAXLEN = 1000);
Configuration item to which to send file stream messages
Property methods: TargetConfigNameDisplayToLogical(), TargetConfigNameGet(), TargetConfigNameIsValid(), TargetConfigNameLogicalToDisplay(), TargetConfigNameLogicalToOdbc(), TargetConfigNameNormalize(), TargetConfigNameSet()
property TransferType as %String (VALUELIST = ",DTS,ITK") [ InitialExpression = "ITK" , Required ];
Determines whether the Transfer type is DTS or ITK. In case of ITK it constructs the distribution Envelope whereas in case of DTS it will construct DTS canonical Message.
Property methods: TransferTypeDisplayToLogical(), TransferTypeGet(), TransferTypeIsValid(), TransferTypeLogicalToDisplay(), TransferTypeLogicalToOdbc(), TransferTypeNormalize(), TransferTypeSet()


method OnProcessInput(pInput As %Stream.Object, pOutput As %Library.RegisteredObject, ByRef pHint As %Library.String) as %Status
Inherited description: Override this method to process incoming data. Do not call SendRequestSync/Async() from outside this method (e.g. in a SOAP Service or a CSP page).

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