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abstract class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.GateSSC.Parser

Common SSC parsing code for DataGate and eGate

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property LoopVarRefs as %String) [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: LoopVarRefsDisplayToLogical(), LoopVarRefsGet(), LoopVarRefsIsValid(), LoopVarRefsLogicalToDisplay(), LoopVarRefsLogicalToOdbc(), LoopVarRefsNormalize(), LoopVarRefsSet()


method BuildSegments(pName)
Using the ssc message definition build $$$GateStructure
method BuildSubSegments(pStructure, pName, pSegName)
method CleanupPotentials(pNode, pReference, ByRef pCouldBe, pLen, pRound)
method CodeWalkNode(pNode As %XML.Node, pLevel=0, pSet=1, pCommandLine="", pDebug=1, pFileName)
method DereferenceStructure(pNode, pReference, Output pUpdatedRef="", ByRef pAry, pRound=0, pFullReference="")
Convert structure from CBORD_ORM.patient.PID.PID-18-account_number.CK.patient_ID ==> PIDgrp.PID:PatientAccountNumber.IDNumber
method DereferenceSubStructure(pNode, pReference, Output pUpdatedRef="", ByRef pAry, pPosition=1, pParentType="", pVersion, pStructureRef, pDataType)
method DereferenceVariables() as %Status
Once the code is converted get message structure from DataGate and make it ours ie "MSH.MSH-10-message_control_ID" = "MSH.MessageControlID"
method GetNamesForPositions(pNode, pType, pVersion)
method GetNodeValue(pNode As %XML.Node, ByRef pForms, pLevel="") as %Status
method IsSegment(%top, pVersion, Output pBase, pDocType="", ByRef pCouldBe)
method ProcessSegment(pNode, pType, pVersion, pStructureRef, pReference, ByRef pUpdatedRef, ByRef pAry, pFullReference, pLen)
classmethod TableImport(pDirectoryFile="", pTableGroupName="", pExtension As %String = "txt")
pDirectoryFile - a directory name or filename to process
classmethod TableImportFile(pFilename="", pTableGroupName="") as %Status
method TreeWalk(pFileName, pNode="", pDebug=0)
Walk .SSC file to generate internal structure
method TreeWalkChildren(pNode As %XML.Node)
method command(pNode As %XML.Node, Output pNodeStucture, pLevel=0)
method encoding(pNode)
five nodes for encoding
method nameAndData(pNode, Output pName, Output pData, pStrip34=0)
method structure(pNode, pNodeStructure, pFirst=0)


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