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class EnsPortal.Dialog.Import extends EnsPortal.Dialog.standardDialog

Import dialog.

This class is used internally by InterSystems IRIS and not intended for application development. There is no guarantee about the behavior or future operation of this class.

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parameter APPLYBUTTON = 0;
Inherited description: If true, then this dialog displays an Apply button.
parameter CANCELBUTTON = 0;
Inherited description: If true, then this dialog displays a Cancel button.
parameter JSINCLUDES = zenCSLM.js;
Inherited description: Comma-separated list of additional JS include files for the page.
parameter RESOURCE = $Case($G(%request.Data("TYPE",1)),"Lookup":"%Ens_LookupTables:WRITE","HL7":"?",:"%All")_",%Ens_ViewFileSystem:USE";
Security resources required.
parameter TYPE = $G(%request.Data("TYPE",1));


property Type as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "TYPE");
Currently we support the following types: "Lookup", "HL7".
Property methods: TypeDisplayToLogical(), TypeGet(), TypeIsValid(), TypeLogicalToDisplay(), TypeLogicalToOdbc(), TypeNormalize(), TypeSet()
property documentSuffix as %String [ InitialExpression = $Case($G(%request.Data("TYPE",1)),"Lookup":"LUT","HL7":"HL7",:"?") ];
Document suffixes that can be imported.
Property methods: documentSuffixDisplayToLogical(), documentSuffixGet(), documentSuffixIsValid(), documentSuffixLogicalToDisplay(), documentSuffixLogicalToOdbc(), documentSuffixNormalize(), documentSuffixSet()
property fileSelectedCount as %Integer [ InitialExpression = -99 ];
Property methods: fileSelectedCountDisplayToLogical(), fileSelectedCountGet(), fileSelectedCountIsValid(), fileSelectedCountLogicalToDisplay(), fileSelectedCountNormalize(), fileSelectedCountSet(), fileSelectedCountXSDToLogical()
property localFileName as %String (ZENURL = "LOCALFILENAME");
Property methods: localFileNameDisplayToLogical(), localFileNameGet(), localFileNameIsValid(), localFileNameLogicalToDisplay(), localFileNameLogicalToOdbc(), localFileNameNormalize(), localFileNameSet()
property localFileTemp as %String (ZENURL = "TEMPFILE");
If locationType="LOCAL", this is the temporary file name that was saved on the remote server upon submit and upload.
Property methods: localFileTempDisplayToLogical(), localFileTempGet(), localFileTempIsValid(), localFileTempLogicalToDisplay(), localFileTempLogicalToOdbc(), localFileTempNormalize(), localFileTempSet()
property locationType as %String (ZENURL = "LOCATIONTYPE") [ InitialExpression = "REMOTE" ];
Default machine for file browsing is server (or remote). If server is running on another machine we also allow import files that are local to the client machine.
Property methods: locationTypeDisplayToLogical(), locationTypeGet(), locationTypeIsValid(), locationTypeLogicalToDisplay(), locationTypeLogicalToOdbc(), locationTypeNormalize(), locationTypeSet()
property matchingDocs as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: matchingDocsDisplayToLogical(), matchingDocsGet(), matchingDocsIsValid(), matchingDocsLogicalToDisplay(), matchingDocsNormalize(), matchingDocsSet(), matchingDocsXSDToLogical()
property remoteFileName as %String;
Property methods: remoteFileNameDisplayToLogical(), remoteFileNameGet(), remoteFileNameIsValid(), remoteFileNameLogicalToDisplay(), remoteFileNameLogicalToOdbc(), remoteFileNameNormalize(), remoteFileNameSet()


method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
This callback is called after the server-side page object and all of its children are created.
Subclasses can override this to add, remove, or modify items within the page object model, or to provide values for controls.
method %OnGetSubtitle() as %String
Get the (localized) subtitle string for the dialog.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String
Get the (localized) title string for the dialog.
classmethod %OnSubmit(pSubmit As %ZEN.Submit) as %Status
This method is invoked only when user selects to import from Local Machine.
The necessary parameters are passed in URL. The temp file name is saved in %session and to be used in loading content.
method DrawFileContents(pSeed) as %Status
classmethod GetDefaultRemoteFile() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
classmethod SaveListOfDocsToSession(Docs As %ListOfDataTypes) [ ZenMethod ]
classmethod SaveLocalInfoToSession(LocalFileName As %String, CharSet As %String, Type As %String) [ ZenMethod ]
classmethod SetDefaultRemoteFile(pFile As %String) [ ZenMethod ]
classmethod ValidateFile(File As %String) as %Integer [ ZenMethod ]
clientmethod adjustSizes() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod browseSelect(name) [ Language = javascript ]
User clicked the Browse button.
clientmethod btnImport() [ Language = javascript ]
Do the actual import of the selected documents from the file.
clientmethod btnOpen() [ Language = javascript ]
Open file on the remote server.
clientmethod clearGroups() [ Language = javascript ]
Remove file contents and import results from screen; show "Open" button for corresponding location type, hide other "Open" button.
clientmethod doLocationChange(location) [ Language = javascript ]
User changed to pick file between remote and local.
clientmethod getDialogValue() [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: Get the value that will be applied when the user presses the OK button. This is implemented by subclasses.
clientmethod onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
Returning from file select OR qualifers dialog and setting the value into the appropriate field. The id of the field that needs to be updated is saved in "dialogClicked".
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod onresizeHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust sizes of components on the page.
clientmethod resetLocalFile() [ Language = javascript ]
Reset local file control appearance
clientmethod selectCharset() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod selectLocalFile() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod selectRemoteFile() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod toggleCheckboxes(cbState) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod toggleOneCheckbox(cbState) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod updateContentsMsg(count) [ Language = javascript ]

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