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class HS.FHIRServer.API.ConfigData extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %JSON.Adaptor

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Inherited description: The %JSONIGNOREINVALIDFIELD parameter allows the programmer to control handling of unexpected fields in the JSON input. The default (%JSONIGNOREINVALIDFIELD = 0) will treat an unexpected field as an error. If %JSONIGNOREINVALIDFIELD is set = 1, then unexpected fields will be ignored.


property DebugMode as %Integer (%JSONFIELDNAME = "debug_mode");
This property specifies several debugging options as bit-flags. The bits are combined into a numeric value.
1: Include a Traceback in any OperationOutcome response that is reporting an error
2: Create a new instance of the service on each REST request. This is needed when editing custom interactions or operations, otherwise the code will be reused and changes will not become active. (This is the equivalent of stopping and starting a Production after a code change).
4: Allow Unauthenticated access to the service. DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION. This flag disables all authorization checks.
Property methods: DebugModeDisplayToLogical(), DebugModeGet(), DebugModeIsValid(), DebugModeLogicalToDisplay(), DebugModeNormalize(), DebugModeSet(), DebugModeXSDToLogical()
property DefaultPreferHandling as %String (%JSONFIELDNAME = "default_prefer_handling");
This property specifies the default value for the Http Prefer Header in the form of
This value will be used if the header is not present. If this property is not set, the service defaults to "lenient" which ignores unknown query parameters. Set this value to "strict" if you want the presence of an unknown query parameter to be treated as an error.
Property methods: DefaultPreferHandlingDisplayToLogical(), DefaultPreferHandlingGet(), DefaultPreferHandlingIsValid(), DefaultPreferHandlingLogicalToDisplay(), DefaultPreferHandlingLogicalToOdbc(), DefaultPreferHandlingNormalize(), DefaultPreferHandlingSet()
property DefaultSearchPageSize as %Integer (%JSONFIELDNAME = "default_search_page_size");
The search result page size to use when no _count parameter is specified on search.
Property methods: DefaultSearchPageSizeDisplayToLogical(), DefaultSearchPageSizeGet(), DefaultSearchPageSizeIsValid(), DefaultSearchPageSizeLogicalToDisplay(), DefaultSearchPageSizeNormalize(), DefaultSearchPageSizeSet(), DefaultSearchPageSizeXSDToLogical()
property FHIRMetadataSet as %String (%JSONFIELDNAME = "fhir_metadata_set");
A Comma separated list of IDs of Metadata package in force for this instance.
Property methods: FHIRMetadataSetDisplayToLogical(), FHIRMetadataSetGet(), FHIRMetadataSetIsValid(), FHIRMetadataSetLogicalToDisplay(), FHIRMetadataSetLogicalToOdbc(), FHIRMetadataSetNormalize(), FHIRMetadataSetSet()
property FHIRSessionTimeout as %Integer (%JSONFIELDNAME = "fhir_session_timeout");
This is the maximum number of seconds between requests on service before any session data is considered stale.

Property methods: FHIRSessionTimeoutDisplayToLogical(), FHIRSessionTimeoutGet(), FHIRSessionTimeoutIsValid(), FHIRSessionTimeoutLogicalToDisplay(), FHIRSessionTimeoutNormalize(), FHIRSessionTimeoutSet(), FHIRSessionTimeoutXSDToLogical()
property FHIRVersion as %String (%JSONFIELDNAME = "fhir_version");
((Deprecated - replaced by FHIRMetadataSet)
Property methods: FHIRVersionDisplayToLogical(), FHIRVersionGet(), FHIRVersionIsValid(), FHIRVersionLogicalToDisplay(), FHIRVersionLogicalToOdbc(), FHIRVersionNormalize(), FHIRVersionSet()
property InteractionsStrategyClass as %String (%JSONFIELDNAME = "interactions_strategy_class", MAXLEN = 256);
The classname of the InteractionsStrategy class for this instance
Property methods: InteractionsStrategyClassDisplayToLogical(), InteractionsStrategyClassGet(), InteractionsStrategyClassIsValid(), InteractionsStrategyClassLogicalToDisplay(), InteractionsStrategyClassLogicalToOdbc(), InteractionsStrategyClassNormalize(), InteractionsStrategyClassSet()
property MaxConditionalDeleteResults as %Integer (%JSONFIELDNAME = "max_conditional_delete_results");
The maximum allowable number of resources to delete via conditional delete. If the conditional delete search finds more than this number of resources then the conditional delete as a whole is rejected with an HTTP 412 Precondition Failed error.
Property methods: MaxConditionalDeleteResultsDisplayToLogical(), MaxConditionalDeleteResultsGet(), MaxConditionalDeleteResultsIsValid(), MaxConditionalDeleteResultsLogicalToDisplay(), MaxConditionalDeleteResultsNormalize(), MaxConditionalDeleteResultsSet(), MaxConditionalDeleteResultsXSDToLogical()
property MaxSearchPageSize as %Integer (%JSONFIELDNAME = "max_search_page_size");
The maximum search result page size to prevent excessive user specified page size.
Property methods: MaxSearchPageSizeDisplayToLogical(), MaxSearchPageSizeGet(), MaxSearchPageSizeIsValid(), MaxSearchPageSizeLogicalToDisplay(), MaxSearchPageSizeNormalize(), MaxSearchPageSizeSet(), MaxSearchPageSizeXSDToLogical()
property MaxSearchResults as %Integer (%JSONFIELDNAME = "max_search_results");
The maximum number of resources that can be selected by a search before the server will simply respond to the query with an error. This number does not include resources included via an _include parameter, only resources selected by the actual search. This value does not affect the size of pages returned by a search. The reason for not setting this value arbitrarily high is because overly broad searches that select large numbers of resources take a lot of system resources to fulfill, and are probably more broad than the client actually needs. In this case, the client should narrow their search.
Property methods: MaxSearchResultsDisplayToLogical(), MaxSearchResultsGet(), MaxSearchResultsIsValid(), MaxSearchResultsLogicalToDisplay(), MaxSearchResultsNormalize(), MaxSearchResultsSet(), MaxSearchResultsXSDToLogical()
property RequiredResource as %String (%JSONFIELDNAME = "required_resource", MAXLEN = 256);
The name of a security resource that the user must hold in order to use the service. If not specified, then any authenticated user may use the service.
Property methods: RequiredResourceDisplayToLogical(), RequiredResourceGet(), RequiredResourceIsValid(), RequiredResourceLogicalToDisplay(), RequiredResourceLogicalToOdbc(), RequiredResourceNormalize(), RequiredResourceSet()


method AsJSONString() as %String
classmethod FromJSON(json As %DynamicObject) as ConfigData

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