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abstract class HS.FHIRServer.Tools.CapabilityStatementBuilder

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parameter OAuthIssuerServiceName = OAuth2.Issuer;
Name in the HTTP Service Registry for obtaining the OAuth2 Issuer URL The 'security' entry will not be built if this service is not registered.


classmethod AddExtension(obj As %DynamicObject, url As %String, valueKey As %String = "", value="", valuejt As %String = "string") as %DynamicObject
classmethod Build(schema As HS.FHIRServer.Schema, pRsrcObj As %DynamicObject, pConfigObj As %DynamicObject) as %DynamicObject
@API Creates a CapabilityStatment using a schema, config object, and a CapabilityStatement resource template. Example XData blocks can be found in HS.FHIRServer.Tools.CapabilityTemplate, along with documentation on how to modify them to change the capability definitions.
classmethod UpdateSearchParams(pAppKey As %String, ByRef pChanged)
Update Only the search parameters for a CapabilityStatement
classmethod buildResourceEntry(schema As HS.FHIRServer.Schema, pType As %String, pConfigObj As %DynamicObject) as %DynamicObject
classmethod buildRestEntry(schema As HS.FHIRServer.Schema, pConfigObj As %DynamicObject) as %DynamicObject
classmethod buildSecurityEntry() as %DynamicObject
buildSecurityEntry builds a CapabilityStatement security property based on the metadata retrieved from the OAuth 2.0 server endpoint defined by the Service Registry entry specified by class parameter "OAuthIssuerServiceName".

classmethod getValue(pType As %String, name As %String, pConfigObj As %DynamicObject)
classmethod setOption(pRsrc As %DynamicObject, name As %String, pConfigObj As %DynamicObject, pValType As %String = "string")


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