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class HS.Util.WebServices.SuperContainerListItem extends HS.Util.WebServices.ListItem, HS.Util.CopyFrom

Meant to be used in conjunction with "supercontainers" , i.e. containers that can have a single parent object container, plust any number of child object containers. Each child object would extend this class, to allow a single transaction to save the parent plus multiple childen, including the ability to update specific children or to delete specific ones.

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property Action as %String (VALUELIST = ",A,D,U");
A - Add (default), D - Delete, U - Update If A, then ID must be null IF D or U, then ID must not be null
Property methods: ActionDisplayToLogical(), ActionGet(), ActionIsValid(), ActionLogicalToDisplay(), ActionLogicalToOdbc(), ActionNormalize(), ActionSet()

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