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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.eGate.Functions

Functions for DataGate

Method Inventory


parameter MONKCHANGEPATTERN = MonkChangePattern;
parameter MONKDATEDIFF = MonkDateDiff;
parameter MONKDUPLICATESTRIP = MonkDuplicateStrip;
parameter MONKEXTRACT = MonkExtract;
parameter MONKFORMAT = MonkFormat;
parameter MONKMAKESTRING = MonkMakeString;
parameter MONKREGEX = MonkRegexMatch;
parameter MONKSTARTEND = MonkGetStartEnd;
parameter MONKTIMEFORMAT = MonkTimeFormat;


classmethod MonkChangePattern(pInput, pParams...) as %String
pInput - input string to be evaluated pParams - repeating values of match string, matchvalue, match string, match value returns updated string
classmethod MonkDateDiff(pDate1 As %String, pDate2 As %String) as %Integer
classmethod MonkDuplicateStrip(pSource, pTarget, pFormat)
Copies leaf data from the source-path to the corresponding leaf positions of the destination structured event, after removing trailing spaces for data at the leaf to be duplicated. Leaf data is contained in nodes without children. This function overwrites any existing data in the leaf locations.
classmethod MonkExtract(pValue="", pPositions="") as %String
classmethod MonkFormat(value="", format="") as %String
Take the value and apply the MonkFormat "%.[alt format]"
classmethod MonkGetStartEnd(pPositions, ByRef pStart, ByRef pEnd)
Called from within this class and also from CodeWalkcopy-strip
classmethod MonkMakeString(pReps, pString) as %String
Create a string based on a number of repetitions of a string
classmethod MonkRegexMatch(value, match) as %Integer
Returns a Monk specific version of the regex $match(value,match), if there are no special characters execute a contains instead
classmethod MonkTimeFormat(pFormat="", pDate=$H) as %String


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