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abstract class HS.FHIR.DTL.Util.Execute

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classmethod ExecuteDTL(className As %String, source As %RegisteredObject, ByRef target As %RegisteredObject, ByRef aux="") as %Status
The className input to ExecuteDTL is the full package and class name of a standard DTL class. className must be prefixed with either the configured standard DTL package name or the configured custom package name. Otherwise ExecuteDTL throws an error.

ExecuteDTL looks to see if the corresponding custom DTL class exists, and executes the custom class if found, otherwise executes the standard product DTL. If neither is found, then ExecuteDTL throws an error.

ExecuteDTL calls the Transform method in that DTL class. ExecuteDTL passes the input source and aux values unchanged to Transform.

classmethod ExecuteStandardClass(className As %String, source As %RegisteredObject, ByRef target As %RegisteredObject, ByRef aux="") as %Status
API ExecuteStandardClass provides a simple means for invoking the standard product version of a transformation class from the customized version of that product class. This method facilitates implementing customizations simply as post- processors or pre-processors. This method depends on transformation config definitions established in the local namespace.
This method will NOT work with the FHIR DSTU2 transform classes that are located in the HS.FHIR.DTL.FromSDA and HS.FHIR.DTL.ToSDA packages. It will work with the newer transform classes.
  • className : Name of the calling class.
  • source : Transformation source object instance.
  • target : Transformation target object instance.
  • aux : Auxiliary data.
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