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class HS.FHIR.DTL.Util.Lookup

Method Inventory


classmethod Code(from As %String, to As %String, sourceValueSet As %String, targetValueSet As %String, value="") as %String
Perform a code lookup to see if the value in the source value set has a match in the target value set. If so, return that value. from - The source schema, eg. "SDA3" to - The target schema, eg. "vSTU3" sourceValueSet - The value set for the source coded field. For FHIR, it will be the valueset. For SDA, it will be the CodeTable name if it is a CodeTable object. If it's a string, it will be the element name. Eg. FHIR - "allergy-clinical-status" and for SDA3 "HS.SDA3.CodeTableDetail.AllergyCategory" or "HS.SDA3.CarePlan:Status" targetValueSet - same as above for the target value - The coded element to be looked up. It can either be a primitive string or a coded object in either schema. If it's a list, the first value to return something will be used. Both code and description values will be used for the lookup as SDA3 documentation differs between which one is used.
classmethod CodeTable(source As HS.SDA3.CodeTableDetail, fhirType As %String, fhirProp As %String, ByRef aux, targetVS As %String = "") as %String
Maps an SDA coded object to a FHIR 'code' field, expected to have a required valueset. If the SDA value isn't in the valueset for the FHIR element, nothing will be returned, to prevent an invalid resource from being created.
classmethod GetCodeForURI(identityCode As %String) as %String
Wrapper method to get the SDACodingStandard from a FHIR system value.
classmethod GetFHIRDataTypes(sourceDataType As %String) as %List
Return list of FHIR data types supported via transformation code for a given SDA data type
classmethod GetTargetClasses(sourceClass As %String, sourceSchema As %String, targetSchema As %String = "") as %DynamicObject
Return the target(s) within a schema for a given class. sourceClass - The class being transformed, eg. "HS.SDA3.Patient" sourceSchema - The schema of the class being transformed, eg. "SDA3" targetSchema - The schema being transformed to, eg. "vSTU3" returns {"vSTU3":["HS.FHIR.DTL.vSTU3.Model.Resource.Patient"]}
classmethod GetURIForCode(identityCode As %String, returnIdentityCodeAsDefault As %Boolean = 0) as %String
Wrapper method to get the coding system in FHIR from the SDACodingStandard field. Will return immediately if the code system is already represented as a URI. Otherwise will check the OID map.
classmethod GetURIForValueSet(schema As %String, system As %String, code As %String) as %String
Given a code, check to see if it's in a known valueset. If so, return the system for that valueset. Eg. "cm" is known to be in "UCUM", so "" can be returned.
classmethod GetValueFromAux(index As %String, ByRef aux) as %String
Used to fetch a value from the 'aux' parameter that was saved with SaveValueToAux.
classmethod Reference(schema As %String, path As %String, reference As %RegisteredObject) as %Boolean
Looks to see if the reference type that is being provided is one of the accepted reference types in the given schema. Used to transform between STU3 and DSTU2.
classmethod SaveValueToAux(index As %String, value As %String, ByRef aux) as %String
Used to save a value in the 'aux' parameter if it's needed in a subtransformation and won't be accessible otherwise.
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