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class HS.HC.Util.Installer.OAuth2 extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Utility methods for setting up a simple starter set of OAuth 2.0 Configuration items within a single instance.

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parameter OAuthIssuerServiceName = OAuth2.Issuer;
Name in the HTTP Service Registry for obtaining the OAuth2 Issuer URL.
parameter OAuthSSLConfigName = OAuth2.SSLConfig;
SSL Configuration Name used throughout this utility.


classmethod ConfigureAuthClients() as %Status
ConfigureAuthClients configures a sample confidential client and a sample resource server client for the current instance.
classmethod ConfigureAuthServer(pForceDelete As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
ConfigureAuthServer configures the OAuth 2.0 authorization server for this instance with some sample starter definitions. This method creates the authorization server anew if it does not already exist. If an authorization server is already defined, it will be overwritten only if the pForceDelete parameter is passed in as 1.
classmethod ConfigureSampleOAuth(pForceDelete As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
ConfigureSampleOAuth sets up sample definitions for an OAuth 2.0 authorization server and two OAuth 2.0 clients, all set up in the current instance. To force the deletion of existing definitions before adding the sample definitions, provide an input parameter value of 1.
classmethod DynamicClientRegister(pIssuerEndpoint As %String, pApplicationName As %String, pSSLConfigName As %String, pClientType As %String, pRedirectHost As %String, pRedirectPort As %String = "", pRedirectPrefix As %String = "", pRedirectUseSSL As %Boolean = 0, pOverwrite As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
"Vanilla" client registration, does not include setup of special values for items beyond what is available to define via this method's parameter list.

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