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class HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServices.Containers.PatientFilter extends HS.Types.PatientFilterInfo, HS.Util.WebServices.ListItem

Used by a web service query to return an item in a list

Property Inventory


parameter XMLTYPE = PatFilter;
To prevent a conflict


property InfoType as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
Also allow Patient
Property methods: InfoTypeDisplayToLogical(), InfoTypeGet(), InfoTypeIsValid(), InfoTypeLogicalToDisplay(), InfoTypeLogicalToOdbc(), InfoTypeNormalize(), InfoTypeSet()
property Username as %String;
Property methods: UsernameDisplayToLogical(), UsernameGet(), UsernameIsValid(), UsernameLogicalToDisplay(), UsernameLogicalToOdbc(), UsernameNormalize(), UsernameSet()

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